Wednesday 15 May 2024

The Fake Mate by Lana Ferguson


Mackenzie hasn't had a successful date in months. She's only a year out of residency, and her grandmother's obsession with finding the perfect mate threatens to drive her barking mad, so it should be a small thing when she lies about meeting someone . . . until she blurts out the name of the last man she would ever date: Noah 'The Big Bad Wolf of Denver General' Taylor.

Noah, interventional cardiologist and all-round grump, has spent his entire life hiding what he is - an unmated alpha. But when an anonymous tip brings everything to light, he's left with two choices: come clean to the board and risk his career or find himself a mate. So, when the chatty, overly friendly ER doctor asks him to be her fake boyfriend the same day he's called to meet the board, it must be kismet, right?

Mackenzie gets her grandmother off her back, and Noah gets the chance to prove he can continue to work without a real mate - it's a mutually beneficial business transaction. But when the fake-mate act turns to a very real friends-with-benefits arrangement, lines start to blur, and they quickly realise love is a whole different kind of animal.

Lara Ferguson's The Fake Mate is such a good read! I had a great time inhaling Mackenzie and Noah's story and my only complaint is that it ended. Ok... I have a few more, mostly around the overuse of the word "slick," but whatever. 

The book is smutty af and a fun read.
I liked both Mackenzie and Noah as characters and together I thought they were awesome.
The meddling family members amused me and the low-drama level was just what I needed.
It's worth noting that this particular "paranormal romance" is more Omegaverse than paranormal romance... Well, in my opinion it is. They might turn into wolves - once - but the rest of the book is definitely human driven (with certain "animalistic" traits) which is very much Omegaverse.

Anyhoo, If you like fake-dating, doctors, shifters and a whole load of spice then check it out!
(And yes... There is knotting.)
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