Thursday 25 April 2024

Tattered Huntress by Helen Harper


Sure, I might be a low elf. But that doesn't mean I won't get up to high jinks.

I’m not particularly special. I’m certainly not perfect. I’m just another delivery driver with a smattering of elvish magic who's trying to make an honest living on the mean streets of Edinburgh.

Go me.

However, my world changes when I cross paths with Hugo Pemberville, the celebrated high elf who’s well known for his accomplished work as a treasure hunter. He might be famous but he’s also an arrogant idiot who deliberately destroys my life.

I’m not the sort of person who’ll let anyone ruin me without a fight. But when I take my revenge on Hugo, I end up thrust into a treasure hunting adventure that I could never have dreamed of.

I’m determined to succeed against all the odds. Unfortunately, treasure hunting is more difficult and dangerous than I’d expected. I’ll need all my wits about me if I’m going to survive.

But, hey, who doesn’t love an under-dog?

Book one of a new series and I like where its going!
Action, adventure, snark and a tantalising tease of the romance that is sure to come... Reading this book sent me to my happy place.

If you like fast paced stories full of humour and action then this might be a series for you!

Daisy is a fierce and likeable heroine but has one major issue... She's a drug addict. She takes the drugs for a good reason - to control her magic and avoid hurting people - but she is still a drug addict and it makes me itchy... That said, I have confidence that as the series unfolds, and more about her past and how she ended up for adoption is revealed, that she'll get to grips with the addiction, kick it to the curb, and learn to control her magic without it. She has a good bunch of folks who are no doubt going to step in around her... Especially a certain slightly judgemental, powerful, sexy as sin, hot for Daisy, high elf! (I'm excited to see how that relationship unfolds!)

The story was surprisingly light hearted and I recommend it for those who love bingeable urban fantasy with a dash of romance!


Tuesday 23 April 2024

TMST: How's the TBR list coming along?


Oh, it's been a long time since I've posted a Tell Me Something Tuesday and, I have to say, it's lovely to be doing so!

This week's question is a TBR Update: How's your list coming along?
 Well, isn't that a loaded question! 😂 
Anyone who knows me knows that I don't do TBR lists as I'm a moody moose mood-reader and TBRs serve only one purpose for me: Guaranteeing that whatever I read it won't be what's on the list!

So, I'm giving the question a slightly different slant and focusing on my NetGalley percentage/books as that's kinda like a TBR only my brain doesn't react to it in the same way it does a TBR! 😉

My NetGalley percentage is currently at 65%, so it's not great... But it could be worse! 
So, my mission, at the moment, is to focus on my ARCs and get that percentage back up to at least 80%.

Part of me thinks it won't take too long as I have some books on there I'm super excited about, such as:

Beneath These Cursed Stars by Lexi Ryan
The Dixon Rule by Elle Kennedy
Love at First Knight by Megan Clawson
Hearts on Thin Ice by Katie Kennedy

But, the more recent books aren't really the problem.
The problem is the books that I requested forever ago and, for various reasons, I never got around to reading/reviewing. Those are the ones I really need to read and get off the list, such as:

Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn
To Charm a Dark Prince by Kathryn Ann Kingsley
The Unfortunate Side Effects of Heartbreak and Magic by Breanne Randall
When a Duke Loves a Governess by Olivia Drake

Tackling the backlog/overdue reviews will be what makes the difference!

I'll probably do a bit of both to sort it out as I'm excited for the upcoming releases, I've reignited my enthusiasm for some of the backlist (due to new books in the series peaking my interest etc.) and I'll try to browse my NetGalley shelf when "in a mood" to see if anything amongst the dusty and forgotten fits the bill before browsing my owned books... Or worse, looking and buying a new one! 🙈

What's your TBR (or NetGalley) looking like?


Sunday 21 April 2024

Smelly Cat and Return To Sunday Post!


It feels like forever since I sat and wrote a Sunday Post: Probably because it has been forever! 
Honestly, I don't even know what to update. 
Where to begin...

Okay, I've sat staring at a blinking curser for about 10min debating and I'm just jumping back in as though I haven't missed dozens (hundreds?) of these posts whilst dealing with the flighty fairy in my brain.

This week was a pretty uneventful week. 
Work, school and standard housework. 
What can I say? I lead an exciting life. 😂

We had some drama yesterday when Vesta, one of my cats, escaped the back garden and went on the lam... She's done it before and always comes home fairly quickly but it always gives me major anxiety in case she gets hurt (or stolen). 
She came back after an hour or so and I gave her a pet and realised she was wet. 
Then my nose caught up and I realised she stank! Upon closer inspection, she was wet down one side, all over her legs, chest and belly, tail... I have no idea what the heck she had got herself covered in but it was nauseating. My housing area is surrounded by fields and farms so I assume it was either some animal related substance or a farm related substance like fertiliser/slurry or something but it resulted in a full bath for the cat; rinsing, soaping, repeat until finally clean. 

To say she was not happy is probably the biggest understatement of the decade. 
I really wasn't happy either. I got soaked bathing her and then had to shower, change and then mop floors (not to mention cleaning the bathroom - after cleaning just the day before!) so she's currently banned from garden time. 
She also took forever to get dry and brushed out because, did I mention, that Vesta is a fluffy white Ragdoll? 😫
She's a menace. But I love her.

Today, I'm baking ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls and finishing off laundry. 

Earlier this week, I read Big Demon Energy by Deborah Wilde.

I'm currently reading Baby, One More Time by Camilla Isley and listening to Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross. 

I'll probably finish both of them today. I have 1.5hrs of Divine Rivals left and about 30% remaining on Baby, One More Time.

We're currently watching Shogun and Fallout
I'm enjoying Shogun but Fallout is not my thing... But the husband is watching it so I inevitably watch it too. 

Do you like Cinnamon Rolls? 


Thursday 18 April 2024

Big Demon Energy by Deborah Wilde (Bedeviled AF #1)


She’s just a demon, standing in front of a vampire, trying not to punch him.

Aviva Fleischer hides a dangerous secret. She’s carefully concealing her infernal heritage, a.k.a. Cherry Bomb. Maybe it’s weird naming her demon side and referring to her in the third person, but guys do the same with their junk, and unlike most of them, Avi isn’t deluded about Cherry’s prowess.

Avi’s been working her ass off, climbing the ranks of a supernatural policing organization to enact change and empower those like her forced to hide their true nature. Sure, she’s bent the rules now and then, but her arrest record speaks for itself. Her promotion is in the bag.

Instead, the director strikes a deal with Avi: spy on the operative sent in to work a rash of bizarre murders and prove she can be a team player, or kiss that new rank goodbye.

No problem.

Okay, maybe just one.

Her co-leader, Ezra Cardoso, is a charming, ruthless vampire with his own agenda, whom she fantasizes about: mostly staking him then vacuuming up his remains.

But when the killer sets Aviva’s team firmly in their sights, she’ll have to decide whether to keep playing by the rules or show everyone exactly what she—and Cherry Bomb—are capable of…

A new heroine, a new world and a fabulous new series from Deborah Wilde!

I love me some Urban Fantasy but when it's UF full of snark, quirky characters, and a slow-burning second chance romance that repeatedly pulls on the heartstrings I go from, "Yes, this is nice, more please." To virtual stalking of the author's social media to hoover up every snippet about future books whilst wailing into the wind, "I neeeeeeds it!" and trying to convince the old gods to do a gal a favour and send her some books from the future so that her sanity remains intact. 👀

So, yes... Big Demon Energy. I liked it very much. I'm excited to read more. I am positively feral to see how Avi and Ezra's relationship heals and evolves. I'm curious as to what happens when Avi's dual heritage comes into the open and I want to know more about the insidious plot and evil faction doing the bad things.

If you're an UF lover give this series a try!

Sunday 14 April 2024

Spring Cleaning The Blog!

 Oh, hi there! Remember me? Nicci? 
I used to live here but I had a bit of a mental meltdown and when I recovered I struggled with my attention span which means I mostly moved to Instagram... 👀

(To be fair, I still struggle with my attention span, but I'm relearning (have relearnt?) all my coping mechanisms which allowed me to be a functional individual for over 30 years of my life 'pre-meltdown.')

Despite multiple attempts to "get back to blogging," since recovery* I've never really succeeded but, alas, I'm a stubborn goat and I'm not giving up my little wordy space! 
Nope. No sir. 
I will reclaim this final piece of myself, therefore, I'm having a virtual spring clean!

My blog space is currently a mess of broken links, missing graphics and general WTFery of horrid formatting and other ugliness caused by changing my colour scheme, blog name and graphics numerous times during the previously mentioned period of mental instability and return attempts. 

This means I need to fix it or I need to delete it all. 
My brain will accept nothing less. 
Since I don't want to delete everything, fix it I will!

Now, I need to convince myself that everything doesn't need to be fixed and uniform before starting to post again... Logically, I know that it doesn't but the feral creature that lives in my head is rattling its bars and howling at the very thought. *sigh*

Anyhoo, I guess this is my way of saying I'm about to undertake attempt 10043 at returning to my blog space!

I'm excited to catch up with old favourites and meet new folks!

*Recovery has many ups, downs, backward steps and forward sprints. I've given up trying to pin-point when recovery was or even if I am fully recovered... I'm just rolling with it and trying to be better every day. 

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