Saturday 30 June 2018

Review: Shift by Karina Espinosa

It's hard enough being an undergraduate student, an intern at Downtown Manhattan's police station, and a bouncer at a local bar. Add her now ex-boyfriend who recently dumped her for the school's resident bimbo—oh, and she's a werewolf. 

Mackenzie Grey meets her match when she is kidnapped by the Brooklyn Pack and tossed between Sebastian and Jonah—the Alpha and the Beta. Being a lone-wolf in the city is dangerous, and now that the Pack has found her, so can every supernatural being in the Tri-State area. And not even her sarcastic, smart mouth can get her out of this. 

When a string of kidnappings involves Mackenzie in supernatural politics, she questions her new acquaintances and finds unlikely allies. Can she escape Pack law and keep her freedom—or will she be condemned to an unwanted path?

*Read via Kindle Unlimited*


Full-length novel.

First person.


No, book one.

The story of this book is complete but it's a series so there are lots of points left open for future books.



A definite potential one is brewing but romance is very light in this book.

Of a wolfy variety, yes.

I’m a huge UF fan and I’m always on the hunt for a new series to binge read. The leading lady in this series is a werewolf, and I haven’t read an UF where the leading lady is a shapeshifter, so I thought it'd be a nice change and really shake up the status quo for me. Combine this with the fact this is a complete four book series and I was like yeeeeesssss!!!!!

I really hoped that it’s be an awesome new series to sink into… But after reading book one, I’m not sure.

Mackenzie is a strong kick ass character, and she’s written that way, but at times she goes a little too far and is straight into ‘unlikeable bitch who needs to grow up’ territory and by the time I got to the end of this book - for it was a very decent length! - I couldn’t make up my mind whether I liked her or not. 
I also couldn’t decide whether I liked the hot/cold behaviour of the Alpha & Beta wolves, the potential love triangle I see looming, the treatment of female werewolves in general, and all the mystery surrounding Mackenzie’s origins… However, I did like many of the supporting characters and I am curious about exactly who Mackenzie is so I think I’ll give the next book a read - seeing as they’re all on KU - and make up my mind whether to continue with the series at that point.

I like the cover. It captures UF and kick ass female well and, always a plus, it actually matches the description of Mackenzie!


Friday 29 June 2018

Book Blogger Hop: Do you have an Instagram account? If so, do you only follow book folks?

Do you have an Instagram account?  If so, do you only follow book folks?

Yes, I have an Instagram account.
I set it up with the intention of creating a 'bookstagram' to compliment my book blog but it didn't work out that way. 

I love taking pictures but I'm not the type who will spend hours playing with my bookshelves to make them look pretty (honestly, they're a bit of a dusty disgrace!) or the type to collect bookish memorabilia that could be used to make beautiful pictures... In the end, I just decided not to even try.
I do share bookish things on my Instagram but it's not the sole focus of my Instagram. 
I like to post lots of cat pictures.
I also post random pictures of places and things I find interesting.

As for who I follow, I follow authors I like, bloggers I like, people I find interesting and bookstagrammers who post all the pretty book spreads. 

Ultimately, I'm just not a big fan of Instagram. 
I'm a simple creature and I haven't spent anywhere near enough time working out how it works and how to get the best out of it. 

Wednesday 27 June 2018

Blog Tour & Review: Blood Match by K.A. Linde

Hello and welcome to the blog tour of BLOOD MATCH by K.A. Linde!

After reading book one in this series - Blood Type - I was so freakin' excited to get my hands on book two early as part of this tour!
This series is just awesome!

Today, I share my thoughts on the book alongside book details, links, teasers, and an excerpt.

P.S - If you love paranormal romance, vampires, and dystopian settings, you've GOT TO read this series! Seriously... You just do. 

As the provocative, sensual Blood Type series continues, the rare bond between Reyna and Beckham is threatened by betrayal, greed, and twisted secrets.

A desperate human. A powerful vampire. A world divided.

Reyna Carpenter was promised paradise. She was delivered into hell.

Giving up her body for money was supposed to be the hardest part of becoming a blood escort. She never expected to lose her heart to her dark, enigmatic boss, Beckham Anderson. After being taken by a depraved captor who plans to rule the world, Reyna will do anything to return to Beckham.

She just has to find the will to survive this game.

From the pawn, rises a queen.

Note: Reyna and Beckham’s story begins in Blood Type and continues in Blood Cure.

*eArc provided as part of blog tour.*


Full-length novel

Third person, single pov (Reyna)

I wouldn't say so, no

This is book two in a three book series and each book needs to be read in order.

OMG... It's horrendous.

I assume that comes in book three!

If I answer this, it'd be a spoiler... But to not answer could lead to false assumptions!
Let's just say trust the author not to do you wrong and leave it at that.

Same as above!

Yes, of a vampy variety

I really enjoyed this book.
It was addictive, sexy and so well written but I'm at a bit of a loss as to what I can say without spewing spoilers everywhere... And this is a series that really should be read without spoilers or it could lose some of its zing. So I'm going to keep it simple.

I love this world.
I love the way it blends the paranormal - aka Vampires - and a dystopian future.
Reyna is a likable character and her heart is most definitely in the right place but she can be a little bit annoying at times. Beckham is a likable character and can be a bit of an ass at times. Together they are an addictive couple who I can't get enough of.

The political intrigue deepens in this book and we get to see more of ELLE the human/vampire underground organization fighting for equality which was so cool...
But the ending.

That FRICKIN' ending.

What the hell?!
Once again it's a massive cliffhanger and once I again I just can't... It was worse, so much worse, than book one. I mean, HOW? How could it end like that?!
It makes no sense.
It can't be the end.
It's just wrong.
I know my rant makes no sense, but if you read the book you'll understand, and trust me the end of this one is not something you want spoiled (for I don't think I'd have read the book if I'd had a clue).

I'm going to keep the faith though.
There's got to be a happy ending at the end of book three, right?
This is a romance series, right?!


PS - I totally recommend this series.

I like it! 
It captures the feel of Reyna and Beckham, however, it misses the mark on the feel of the world... The world is darker, grittier, and kinda grim in that dysfunctional dystopian way.

“Please.” She wasn’t above begging. “I’ve waited so long.”
“I won’t bite you,” he said, his face sliding down between her legs. A fang nipped at the sensitive artery in her inner thigh. “But I bloody well want to.”
Did she even care if he bit her? It would be a relief after what she’d endured. A relief to feel that connection so acutely. But she wouldn’t press him this time. She remembered how they’d gotten carried away. He’d taken too much, drank too deeply, and she could have died. They needed to take it slow.
The blood. Not the sex. She needed that right now.
His finger slicked through her wetness and began to massage her clit. She vibrated from the sensation. She didn’t know if she’d be able to hold out before he was inside of her.
Then his eyes found hers again. His boxers disappeared and then his cock was in his hand. He massaged the length of himself as he watched her walk on a tightrope. Any second she was going to fall off and into oblivion. Nothing and no one had ever made her feel so good. No. No one had ever made her feel.
“So . . . close,” she ground out.
One powerful thrust seated him to the hilt within her. She cried out as he stretched her to the max. No warning or preamble just his cock inside of her, filling her to completion.
Her walls clenched around him. She was so close, but instinctively, she knew he wasn’t going to let her release without him.
Then he started moving. A slow pull out and a quick drive inward. Once, twice, three times.
“Not yet,” he said, his eyes commanding.
She tried to hold back. She could wait. Oh God, she could wait.
Then he started up the rhythm again. Setting his own course, owning and claiming her body. Reclaiming everything that he’d lost in that one moment of stupidity on her part. In his one moment of weakness.
She could see in his eyes the weight that loss had cost him. The toll it had taken on him for giving into his urges, for finally relinquishing his hold on himself. His eyes said he’d never do it again. His eyes were a promise.
“Becks, come with me,” she cried, clutching the sheets.
He grasped her hips and owned her body where he refused to own her blood. Taking everything she would give him, but not everything he wanted. Not everything she wanted.
She was so close. She looked in his eyes and knew they would finish together.
Reyna woke up screaming.
She jolted upright in her overly plush king-sized bed with its too many pillows and too much softness. Her hair was plastered to her face. Sweat coated her body, soaking through the thin white shirt she’d worn to bed.
Her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting and she looked around the small room. Everything was in place. Nothing had changed. Not a damn thing.
Beckham wasn’t here.
It had been a dream. A sick dream. A desperate horrible dream.
Her hand moved to her cotton panties and found the slicked wetness still there. The ache still building in her lower half from lack of release. The aftereffects of the dream. It had felt so real. So very real.
She had felt him moving inside of her. She had seen the love in his eyes. She had known his remorse.
But none of that was real.
That was her imagination at work. Conjuring his face just to torture herself with his absence. Remembering the feel of his body and the love in his eyes, only to know that he hadn’t found her. Aching for one more view of him.
It had been fifty-five days since she’d last seen his face.
Reyna made a mark in the notebook next to the bed.

Start at the beginning!

Book One - Blood Type

K.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of more than fifteen novels including the Avoiding series and the Record series. She has a Masters degree in political science from the University of Georgia, was the head campaign worker for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as the head coach of the Duke University dance team. She loves reading fantasy novels, geeking out over Star Wars, binge-watching Supernatural, and dancing in her spare time.

She currently lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband and two super adorable puppies.

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