Wednesday 20 September 2017

Review: Werebiker by Paige Cuccaro

Years after she thought she left town for good, Jillian is back and has enlisted the help of her older brother’s ex-best friend (and the man who broke her heart), Jack, to track down her sister-in-law, who’s fallen in with a rival biker gang—but Jack knows they’re werewolves, and that he has to protect Jillian at any cost, even if she hates him.

*Review Copy granted via netgalley*


Full Length Novel

Third Person



What I Liked: 
Not a whole lot. The best I can say is that the book got marginally better in the last third.


I hate being overly negative and I wanted to keep the blog free of the negativity, and reviewing a book I rate under three stars naturally brings it out, but I'm realising that may not always be possible to keep my feelings to myself.

Werebiker is a perfect example of when I just can't keep a lid on it.

This book flipped my bitch switch and turned the snark meter up to 1000. 

What I Didn't Like: 
Jack and Jill. 
No joke, the characters are called Jack and Jill. Every time I saw it the nursery rhyme started running though my head but this is a very minor complaint all things considered.

She was annoying as hell. She never listened, thought she was a hard-ass, that she was the shizzle, but she was in actual fact none of the aforementioned. Jill was an immature little idiot who should have been eaten. (And not in a good way!)

Oh noes, I don't want to be an alpha. Oh noes, I can't be with Jill, I may infect her. Oooooh, me horny and Jill kiss me. Me will screw Jill - in one of the most awkward depictions of sex I've ever read, fyi - and forget about infecting Jill. Oh noes... I've had sex with Jill but I still can't be with Jill cause she might get hurt. It's all so dangerous... But y'know, I'll screw her again cause my beast demands it.
God, even the word 'moist' came out to play... It hurt my soul!

The writing. 
I hate to say it but the author's 'voice' just grated on me. The story was all over the flippin' place, the characters were inconsistent, the dialogue felt forced and the story was written without flare... It was like the reading equivalent of listening to someone talk for a few hours in a gratingly monotone voice.

Typos everywhere. 
I'm hoping that this was because I had an arc/review copy and these were corrected before the release of the book.

Other Thoughts:
I requested this book as I thought that blending an MC with a paranormal could work really well but this was not a good example of genre fusion.

The only reason I didn't abandon this book at 20% was because I was granted a review copy and felt obligated to see it though to the end... Werebiker was my first Paige Cuccaro novel and unfortunately, I think, based on this, it'll be my last.

I like the cover for this one, it's what drew me to the book; A nice blend of biker, shifter and sexy.



  1. I have a feeling I would also have problems with the book but I throughly enjoyed your review! LOL "...not in a good way" ;D I don't think I mind your kind of negative review! :D

  2. Well. How do you really feel? LOL Just reading the view makes me kind of cringe about the book and know that it is definitely not for me. Sometimes there's just no way around a bad review.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

  3. Oh man. This sounded so good but I think the MC's would have gotten on my nerves too.

    1. I can forgive a lot but this was just too much. 🙁


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