Friday 3 November 2017

Book Blogger Hop: When reading a book, do you use a bookmark or...

The Question is:
When reading a book, do you use a bookmark to mark your place in the book, or do you just fold over the top corner of the page? 

My Answer:
I own a couple of nice bookmarks but I never use them. I can never find them when I want them and typically I use whatever is to hand to mark my page: scrap paper, receipts, post-it notes, candy wrapper, hair grips... I'm not fussy. If nothing 'suitable' is within easy reach then I'll fold down a corner.

I said it and I do it. 
I'll fold down the corners of pages.
I deface books with self-inflicted creases to their precious pages.

Back in school, for English class, I'd take a highlighter pen and highlight favourite passages.
To the standards of most bookworms, I am a monster who doesn't deserve to own a precious pretty book.
I don't care if I crease the spine of a paperback to stripey hell.

I'll read and eat and have been known to accidentally drop pasta (with tomato based sauces) on a page and not care... Well care too much.

I carry them haphazardly in my bag and have more than a few books that have pen marks, or have the edges of their pages crinkled because of water, or stained with some random substance like blackcurrant juice that leaked out my son's drinks bottle...

I take a lot of care with other people's books. I take care of library books. However, if the book is mine I do as I please and that means that shit happens.

I don't buy many paper books anymore, I typically stick to kindle, but for me a book that looks like it's lived - creases, scuffs and imperfections - is gorgeous. I don't want a library full of books that look like they've never been read. What is the point in that? As long as a book is never damaged to a point where it has no cover, missing pages or pages that can't be read for one reason or another, then I don't care about things like folding the corners of my pages because life is too short to constantly hunt for a bookmark.



  1. I have several thoughts in relation to your post. I do not dogear my own book pages, but it doesn't bother me to buy a used book with pages that have been dog-eared. I cannot bring myself to highlight or write in a book (I barely even use the highlight function when reading on my Kindle because it seems like it's the same thing), but I LOVE getting used copies of books with highlighting and writing in the margins. I am a serial spine breaker, because it's easier to hold a book with one hand if the spine is broken, and I may need my other hand for snacking, because I will absolutely eat while reading (although I take care not to drip things on my pages).

    I love how unapologetic you are about just being you with your books.

    Have a great weekend. - Katie

    1. Thanks for commenting Katie.
      I'm definitely unapologetic about my feelings on books. Life is too short and there are so many other things to be bothered by then whether a page has a mark on it. :)

  2. LOL I love your irreverent answer!! I hate folded corners so I avoid doing it, but at the same time I agree that there's nothing objectionable about a book that bears a few scars from being well-loved.

    1. I'm very much on the 'to each there own' team when it comes to books... And, well, everything really, lol.

  3. I don't fold over pages and use whatever is available for a bookmark. I have a ton of bookmarks but rarely use them.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Book Blogger Hop

    1. Thanks for commenting Elizabeth! I accept most prefer not to fold a page and I always respect other peoples books... But this is why it's rare I'll accept a loaner book from anyone. It stresses me out so much trying to keep it perfect...

  4. I am actually very guilty of folding the page corners of my books too, and any book that ends up in my everyday bag (which is a large tote bag) is very prone to creases. I would definitely count myself as a monster too! 😭😭

    1. Don't feel bad! They're YOUR books and life is too short to worry about stuff like that. It's not like you're burning them or using them for toilet paper! You're not deliberately hurting the precious! 😉

  5. Great answer! It's great to do whatever you want with a book that's yours!

    Here’s my Book Blogger Hop!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  6. I'm like OMG reading your answer! But yes they are your books to do as you please with. I would never think of doing any of those things to my books though. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great weekend!

  7. I used to dog ear ALL the time but now I use whatever - mostly those post it tabs though. I do own a lot of bookmarks but they're never around when I need them lol

    For What It's Worth

    1. Exactly! They're slippery work-shy inventions that do all they can to avoid page keeping duty and can't be relied upon to stay in place even if you do manage to find one! Post its are much more reliable and are not afraid to do their job... But dog-earing a corner never fails. ;)

  8. Great answer! If they are your books, do what you want!! I love seeing books that have been read and loved. I usually use a bookmark, but I have folded down a corner. There have been some books that I have written in and highlighted. To each their own.

  9. Interesting answer! You certainly like to interact with your books! Lol.

    We will have to agree to disagree, as I could never see myself treating my books that way. I like to keep my books looking new. I never fold back corners. And, if I highlight text in a book, then I will buy a second copy, just so I can have a pristine one around. That probably sounds OCD, but I can't help it! Lol.

    So I always use bookmarks, or any piece of paper I happen to have handy. And I have a very nice collection of bookmarks, too! Some are store-bought, while others are freebies from my local library.

    Thanks for sharing! Thanks as well for commenting on my own BBH post! Sorry for the late comment back....sometimes I get behind on comments. :(

    Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!! <3 :)

  10. LOL Between me and the herd most of my print books these days look beat to heck, too. They stay nice and pretty on the shelf until reading. Oops! And, yeah, like you, whatever needs to be done as far as bookmarking ;)

  11. Lol lol I love your your true to the bone answer. I thought I was reading my own comment. I take precious care of any book that isn't mine and from the Library but my own, well, they're mine. I absolutely agree that I want my books to look used and Well read. I have so many darn bookmarks but I've found myself not being able to find them when I need one. Happy Holidays !
    Carol Luciano
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com


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