Saturday 7 April 2018

Review: The Windmill Cafe: Summer Breeze by Poppy Blake

Part one of The Windmill Cafe contemporary romance series with a healthy dose of mystery!

The Windmill Cafe is open for business!

As Rosie Barnes serves glasses of tangy lemonade and ice-cold prosecco at her summer garden party, she couldn’t be happier. The Windmill Café, with its peppermint green sails is a roaring success and has given Rosie a chance to escape the heartbreak of her busy life in London.

But then disaster strikes when popstar Suki Richards is taken unexpectedly ill at the party. Now all eyes are on Rosie…have her famous raspberry cupcakes poisoned her most high-profile guest? Or is someone else trying to damage Suki’s chance of stardom?

If Rosie wants to save her picture-perfect life, and the reputation of her beloved Windmill Café, she’s going to have to get to the bottom of the mystery…and fast!



Third Person 








I appear to be in the minority with my opinion of this book but... God, it was bad.
Not terrible, but bad.
It had potential but it didn't live up to it.
The writing was stilted and awkward. 
The dialogue unrealistic. 
The characters two-dimensional.
The romance was essentially non-existant and the mystery plot a big pile of who gives a crap.
Most definitely not for me.
Such a shame... I really did love the cover.

I Love this cover! It's beautiful, summery and makes me feel all cozy. 


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