Monday 24 December 2018

A Netflix Christmas

Late November, early December, I was ill with a couple of back to back bugs that left me too drained to read but with plenty of time to sit in one place.
It was a potential recipe for a case of the bah-humbugs but, thanks to the mighty Netflix, I found myself binge-watching random Christmas movies that I'd never seen - nor would I usually watch! - and I found myself really enjoying them.
They brought Christmas into the house and kept my spirits up while I was in pain and miserable so I thought I'd share what I watched - alongside a few comments on the movie - in case others are looking for some new movies this Christmastime!

The Holiday Romances... 
These were so corny, cheesy and predictable that it was almost painful to watch them but I enjoyed them all anyway. 
Maybe because they were so cheesy and predictable?

A Christmas Prince

In A Christmas Prince, we have the plucky young American jetting off to some fictional little pseudo-European kingdom where she wiggles her way into the palace and into the affections of the future king. 
I'm surprised I didn't develop eye-strain from the amount of rolling they did watching this one but what saved it was the fact that the sweet - purer than freshly fallen snow - romance gave me all the happy feels despite how ridiculous the plot was and the chemistry between them was grand.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Oh, come on! I had to watch the sequel! I had to... What fresh challenges would befall the happy couple after their happy ending in the first film?
A wedding, of course, and misunderstandings galore!
Sadly, the sequel just didn't produce the same amount of giddiness as the first but it was still enjoyable enough to pass the time and I think fans of the first will defo want to watch it.

The Holiday Calendar

Painfully predictable but oh so addictive. 
I loved the magic advent calendar and I loved the chemistry between the main characters but I think my favourite thing about this one was that family was at its heart, not the romance. 

The Princess Switch

Another fictional, presumably European, country where the royals all have suspiciously British sounding accents... Another ordinary young lady who captures the heart of a prince. 
This one, however, has an awesome identity swap thing going on so you get two romantic sub-plots to go alongside your festive fun.
Plus, it was funny and full of heart. 

The Christmas Chronicles

I watched this one with the little dude and we both loved it.
It's a proper family fun-filled, feel good, Christmas film and it had us giggling and smiling throughout. 
The little dude liked it so much he wants to watch it again and I liked it enough to happily comply!
Kurt Russell was fantastic as Santa. He made the movie for me.

Arthur Christmas

You have a family where the title of Santa is inherited... Like a king passing on his crown.
A story where Christmas is run as a major military operation and the current Santa's youngest son is clumsy and random but embodies the soul of Christmas where the elder (heir apparent) is good and decent but does not. Throw in mad elves and grumpy former Santas (aka Grandad) and you get lots of good giggles and fuzzy feels.


  1. You just described exactly what me and my grandma did- A Christmas Prince 1 & 2!

  2. I think I need to watch The Christmas Chronicles, and The Princess Switch just seems cute!


  3. That's quite a bit of Christmas movies on Netflix. I had my husband watch Love Actually for the first time the other day. That counts as a Christmas movie, right? lol

    1. Love Actually is definitely a Christmas movie!

  4. I want to try Princess Switch. Loved the Christmas Chronicles too.

    1. Princess Switch was light hearted and very sweet


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