Wednesday 20 February 2019

Thoughts on DC Titans - Season One

This fine February, I decided to do something I'd never done before: Binge watch a DC TV show on Netflix.

I've watched a couple of seasons of The Flash, I've watched up to S4 of Arrow, I've seen S1 of Legends of Tomorrow - so I like DC tv shows - but I've never taken the plunge and watched any superhero shows (DC or Marvel) on Netflix. 

I don't know why I felt the need to state this beyond the fact that I consider myself a Marvel girl over DC any day of the week.

I had no expectations of what DC Titan's should be. 
If I'm honest, I had no idea what/who the DC Titan's were. The only one I recognized was Robin and that's because of his association with Batman so this show was a learning journey of non-major (aka not Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, or Flash) DC characters. 
I think this ignorance of the characters and their story arcs boosted my enjoyment as I've heard a lot of grumbles from the interwebs about this show.

The show features an ensemble cast of interesting characters:

Dick Greyson
(Aka Robin, a former sidekick of Batman.)
He's left Gotham and is doing things his own way... and by his own way, I mean being a cop by day and vigilante pigeon by night. 
He's an attractive guy with demons and a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

Rachel Roth
(Aka blue-haired demon chick.)
She's a troubled teen with powers she doesn't understand. 
She's terrified of herself and spends the show being hunted by nutters for reasons unknown but presumably something to do with her seemingly demonic abilities. 

Kory Anders
(Aka the magenta-haired chick who shoots fire.)
She's a strong and interesting character with kick-ass abilities and no memory of who she is, where she comes from or what she's doing. However, she's determined to protect Rachel.

Garfield Logan
(Aka green haired cat boy)
Another teenaged kid who can do weird crap. In his case, he turns into a cat and lives in a mansion of other weird and wonderful characters... 

There are a few other superhero types featured, namely Hawk and the Dove but they're definitely secondary characters and, honestly, the most interesting thing about them is that the Dove seems to have had a wild affair once upon a time with Robin... But I digress. 

The entire plot of the show is built around Rachel and the freaky cult that wants her for reasons unknown (they become known as the show progresses). 
The actions of this cult throw Rachel into the path of Robin who decides to protect her. 
Kory has no memory but seems to be determined to find and protect Rachel (you get more on that as the show progresses too). 
Cat Boy comes across Rachel one day and develops some bond that makes him determined to protect her also... Or something. I'm actually confused about what his deal is but what can I say? There's just something about Rachel...
The quartet makes the most unlikely group ever as they try to unravel the mystery that is Rachel and those who want her and why.
As you progress through the season, the backgrounds of the characters are explored and it's no wonder they all have issues, but I really liked them.

The show is mysterious, spooky and crazy violent. 
However, violence aside it has heart.  It wasn't all dark and grim, it made me laugh. I cared for the characters and wanted to continue watching. 
It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger - annoyingly - but I can forgive it. 
Bring on season 2!

Oh! And in case it wasn't immediately obvious when I said the show is crazy violent, this show is not suitable for kids. I'd say 16 as a minimum.


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