Tuesday 19 March 2019

Thoughts on Captain Marvel

It's no secret that we're all Marvel mad in this house so when Captain Marvel released, going to see it at the cinema was a no-brainer. 
However, I'll admit, I knew nothing about Captain Marvel. 
Nothing, except it was Marvel's first movie with a female lead and honestly? That tells me nothing about what to expect except a chick in the lead. 
So everything that happened in the movie - except for that - was a very nice surprise!

The movie is set back in the 1990's. 
Shield favourites - such as Agent Coulson and Nick Fury - are present but they're the only ones from the current clutch of Marvel superstars that are present. 

The movie focuses on Carole Danvers, a kick-ass woman in the Kree military who after a mission gone wrong ends up on Earth. While on Earth she uncovers the truth of who she is and a hideous plot by the Kree. With the help of Nick Fury, an old friend, and an adorable cat she saves the world. 
That's pretty much the plot in a nutshell without any spoilers. 

It doesn't tell you much. 
It doesn't tell you how much fun the movie is. 
It doesn't tell you that the movie has cool, Guardians of the Galaxy or Thor: Ragnarok vibes to it. 
It doesn't tell you that the digital reverse ageing done on Samuel L. Jackson to play a younger Fury is so cool and a little bit freaky.
It doesn't tell you about the amazing soundtrack of rock and grunge bands. (Nirvana, Garbage, No Doubt, Hole, Guns 'n' Roses to name a few!)
It doesn't tell you that this is the movie Nick Fury loses his eye.
It doesn't tell you that Jude Law is in it and that man is getting fine as he ages. *fans oneself*
But, I just did. 
So go see it!

Plus, the Endgame post-credit teasers almost made me lose my freaking mind.


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