Thursday 30 May 2019

Review: Your Chorus by Katia Rose

Spending three weeks on a bus with your boyfriend, his rock band, and their entire tour crew: possibly a bad idea.

Spending three weeks on a bus with your ex-boyfriend, his rock band, and their entire tour crew: definitely a bad idea.

But with the contract signed and the gigs all booked, Roxanne Nadeau finds herself heading out on the road as the accompanying violinist for reigning rock gods Sherbrooke Station, despite being on less than cordial terms with their bassist.

Not that the situation comes as a surprise. Roxanne and Cole’s near-constant on/off status has become a longstanding joke among their friends, and while the seven years of history between the two might suggest that resistance is futile, Roxanne’s determined to make this breakup their last.

Cole’s equally convinced he can use the opportunity to win her back for good.

Some conniving band-mates, way too many long drives, and the insanity of tour life all turn the bus into a pressure cooker that would detonate even the most stable of relationships. The explosion is inevitable; it’s how much of themselves they can salvage from the rubble that Roxanne and Cole will need to figure out.

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First person, dual pov.

This is book 4 in the Sherbrooke Station series but they're all interconnected standalones.
Obviously, if you start here, there will be some spoilers for the earlier books but nothing major.





The fourth and final book in the Sherbrooke Station series. 😭
This book is Cole's book.
Cole is a man of few words, the moody bassist. The guy who has been in a turbulent on/off relationship throughout the series with a spunky character called Roxy.
In this book, we see Cole and Roxy finally work through their shit and get their HEA! Hurrah! But, they have a whole load to work through to get that happy ever after and that includes working together on a Sherbrooke Station tour while they are in an off phase to end all off phases of their relationship.

It makes for an interesting and addictive read!

We get to find out about Cole's background, Roxy's background.
How they came together and actually get to see how much they mean to each other.
Their history... Well, it isn't pretty. They've made some shitty decisions but they've come a long way.
Katia's writing is heartfelt and real.
This pair... They're made to be together but so broken they don't know how to fit the pieces together to be whole and enduring and the author captures this beautifully.

It's not all doom and gloom though. It's funny and sweet and all about the music... The rest of the band feature quite prominently (naturally, they're on tour) and I loved seeing them and how far they've all come. I loved seeing Roxy and Cole learn to be alone in order to be together.
I just loved it... And I've added another dozen songs that I love to my current playlist thanks to this book too.

I didn't think I could love a rockstar series as much as I loved Kylie Scott's Stage Dive series but Sherbrooke Station? Yeah... They're close if not surpassing. 

I preferred the older design of the series covers. This is just too bland. Not rocky or cool just... Sweet and cute and blah.



  1. spending that much time on a tour bus was bound to cause some problems.

  2. On tour with an ex? That sounds like pressure cooker situation. The fact that you consider this one right up there with Kylie's Stage Dive series is quite the endorsement!

    1. I loved this series! The Stage Dive vibes were strong with these...


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