Wednesday 26 June 2019

Review: Demon Magic and a Martini by Annette Marie (Guild Codex:Spellbound #4)

When I first landed a bartending job at the local guild, I didn't know a thing about magic. These days, I'm practically an expert on the different magical classes, but there's one nobody ever talks about: Demonica.

Turns out they have a good reason for that.

My guild is strictly hellion-free, but some people will risk life and soul to control the biggest bullies on the mythic playground. And now a demon has been loosed in the city.

My three best friends are determined to slay it, but even badass combat mages are critically out-magicked. And that's not all. The monster they're tracking--it's not hiding. It's not fleeing. It's not leaving a trail of corpses everywhere it goes.

The demon is hunting too. And in a city full of mythics, it's searching for deadlier prey.

If we can't unravel the demon's sinister motivations, more innocent people will die, but finding the answers means digging into dark secrets ... and learning truths I never wanted to know.

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~ 269 pages

First person, single pov.

The book recaps things but you really need to have read the previous books.

Nope but the plot definitely thickens in this one!


No, romance isn't a thing really in this series.
However, I'm hoping (especially after the events in this one!) that romance will feature more in later stories.

This book has demons and lots of fighting.
Our beloved characters get messed up pretty badly but nothing is full on in your face type violence.

You'd think with a name like Demon Magic and a Martini that I'd have maybe cottoned on that this book would be a little bit darker than the others so far in this series but alas, I did not.
So, let me say it out loud... Demon Magic and a Martini is darker and more serious than the earlier books in this series.
That's not to say the book is harder to read, any less funny, or enjoyable for it isn't. I
t is every bit as charming and captivating as its predecessors, it's just more nerve-wracking.

The events in this book... Well, I don't want to spoil them but it's safe to say the stakes have never been higher for our beloved characters.
If book three was the book where we truly got to know Kai then this is the book of Ezra!
We get to know more about his background, his powers and a little about how the 3 mages became the tight group they are. We also get to see just how much they mean to each other and how far they are willing to go to protect each other. The question in this book is whether Tori is all in too.

The book is very guild focused. An unbound demon is on the loose and every guild in the city is on a co-ordinated hunt and destroy mission.
We get to meet members of other guilds, get to see guild dynamics in full flow. and the Crow and Hammer (aka Tori's guild) get some interesting new members!
(Interesting to the point they are the focus of a parallel series set to launch in the autumn...)

This book left me with so many questions on what comes next... For every piece of information revealed about the characters and their pasts there feels like there are a million pieces I still don't know and I want to.

I hope that in the coming books we see Tori finally take training seriously for she really needs to start taking responsibility for herself. She's brave, she's loyal and she's smart but she relies too much on luck and the strength of those fighting beside her. It makes her a bit of a liability where she really could be an asset.

Once again - and yes I'm going to cry about it in every review! - there is no romance but my Ezra hopes from book one are looking more and more likely now! Especially since Zak is gone...
(Gasp! What will happen if Zak comes back?! I think I'll die from the conflict although I don't think Tori will have any such conflict... This isn't a love-triangle kinda series.)

For every book in this world I read, I love it more and more! I'm so happy this series exists and I can't wait to read the sister series and more of this series when they release later this year!

Nice and atmospheric!
Annette Marie's cover designer needs all the love because her covers are on point!


My thoughts on the other books in the series

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  1. I can understand why you liked this one and are liking the series, it sounds good.

  2. I am really enjoying this series and thought this book was a great one with the events and reveals that took place. I am really looking forward to the next one!


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