Friday 4 October 2019

September Reading Challenge Update!

Well, September was a month that passed in a blur, wasn't it?
I swear I have no idea where it went or what I did... It's been lost in a work fog but at least I got some good reading done!

This month, I read a total of 11 books!

My favourite of the month was definitely Taming Demons For Beginners by Annette Marie!
Bearly Tames Grizzly was hands down the worst... For quite some time!


This year, I signed up for  4 reading challenges (not including the Goodreads Challenge) and 1 blogging challenge.

Details of them can be found in my 2019 Reading Challenge sign up post.

This month I have made progress as follows...

The Goal was to 10-12 books this year featuring royalty.

I read 2 'Royal' themed books last month, so my total goes to 8.

(These ones feature a Fae Prince as the love interest.)

I'm actually happy with this challenge.
It's puttering along quite nicely and I'm definitely going to complete it before the year is out so it's a win!

My blog challenge... Each month a prompt is given and the goal is to write a blog post that fits it. 

I haven't posted anything for any of the prompts.

I'd say this means the challenge is a failure but... Just wait! I'm actually working on stuffs!
It's not going to be the post a month it was intended to be but it's going to be a something!

My aim for this one was to read 10-15 books featuring bad boys... 
In September, I read 0 keeping the total at 2.

I'm so annoyed at progress on this challenge that I've - gasp! - made a reading list of bad boys I want to tackle so this number will be up next month!

This reading challenge is aimed at reading books published before 2019 and getting them off your backlist/TBR/wishlist... This year, I'm hoping to read 60 books from the backlist.

For September, I only read 1 book from the backlist, so my total for the year goes to 38.

My target is 60 so I'm a little worried about meeting it at this rate but I've got plans to finish a couple of older series so I may make it... I just need to try really hard!

I was originally aiming for 5 audiobooks this year. Because I was beastin' it, I raised the total to 'Weekend Warrior' which is 5-10 books.

In September, I finished 2 audiobooks so my total goes to 8!

I technically completed this challenge back in May as my original target was 5 books but I upped it to see if I could get 10 and I think it's safe to say that I'm going to make it to 10!
I have two audiobooks on the go at the moment and I have a list of others I want to listen to. I actually have a list! It's exciting!


How are your challenges going this year?


  1. I think you're doing well on your challenges.

  2. Sounds like you’re in dire need of some bad boys! LOL But you’re doing great with your royalty. Go you! :)

  3. I was pleased to complete my Royal Challenge. It finally got me trying to tackle a few Tudor and Royal Family related books. I'd probably do the same challenge again next year if it is there or my own version. You do need some bad boys though! You're doing well with the audiobooks! Look at the backlog thing another've read nearly 40 backlog books and that is pretty good!

  4. Eleven books is great, and I believe in you! I have faith that you will do something fabulous for Blog All About It, and I will be waiting to receive it.

  5. Wowwee you have some hectic challenges going on! I am interested to see your Blog All About it posts. Good luck :)

    Chanzie @ Free To Be Me


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