Tuesday 8 October 2019

Traits I Love, Love, War and Spooktacular Reads!

I love participating in weekly bookish memes, answering questions and making lists, but sometimes the answers are not enough to make a decent post... On their own!
So, on those weeks, I'll be combining rather than skipping!

This week's topic... Character Traits I Love

Okay, so I don't need every character I like to have all these traits (that'd be weird) but give them a combination of them and you're almost guaranteed I'll like them!

A wicked sense of humour
A little bit twisty and dark but with a good heart.
Weird and quirky.

This hasn't been a fantastic series but it's kept me entertained enough to see it through to the end and therefore I'm excited that the sixth and final book will be releasing in just a few short weeks!

The final showdown has arrived.

Nemain, the murderous, self-appointed Queen, has her sights set on the magic running through my veins. She'll stop at nothing to steal my power and begin her reign of terror over every fae in the world.

Worse, my mating bond with Balor hurtles us closer and closer to danger. A new prophecy makes one thing clear—our love will either save the world. Or, it will end it.

I have no choice but to fight. To save all of Faerie from Nemain—and my love for Balor—I must do whatever it takes. Even if that means losing it all.

What are you looking forward to this week?

Name one book that gets you in the mood for Halloween.

I don't think I have a book that gets me in the mood for Halloween. 
I don't need anything to get me in the mood for Halloween.
I love it! However, how fun and spooktacularly festive are these covers?!

Okay, they're not Halloween scary, they're the fun, camp, and cutesy Halloween and that's the type of Halloween I love.
I guess, if I had to choose something, rather than a particular book that gets me in a Halloween mood, it'd be a specific genre of books.
I really gravitate towards UF reads at this time of year.
However, this year has been a bit of an anomaly in that I've been binging UF pretty much consistently and have discovered so many new series/authors that I'm not showing signs of stopping! 
I imagine I'll soon max out my things that go bump in the night quota and will be super excited to dive into Christmas... Yep. I said Christmas when we're in Halloween season! I must be broken.
(Please don't throw things.)

What about you? What book (if any) gets you in a Halloween mood?


  1. I don't mind flawed characters but I really love when they acknowledge that and work to do better. Funny and loyal are up there as well.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Characters that make me laugh are near the top of my list. I love sarcastic humour more than anything, lol.

  2. I don't have a book that gets me in the mood for Halloween but those covers are great.

  3. Great post. Halloween is not a favorite.

    1. Gasp! Not a favourite?! Well... To each their own! :)

  4. Twisty and dark... but with a good heart. I love it! :)

  5. I have so much overlap with your list. I essentially just listed traits I admire in other people. I didn't put quirky, but a good quirky character never fails to delight me.

    1. I think I like book characters that I'd like if I met them in person. If I couldnt/wouldnt tolerate them in real life I have a hard time liking them in fiction. It's weird but true.

  6. I don't celebrate Halloween or any other specific holiday but when the weather turns colder, it is the perfect time for anything with a horror vibe! I always want to read zombies at this time of year!

  7. hmm character traits... I agree with your list, especially the humor one and add a little bit of rebelliousness for the greater good.
    Love the cover of your Cant Wait Wednesday choice. I have been pretty excited about the final installment in the Ema Marx Series which comes out this month (And I just received an ARC which I am super stoked about - nothing like being on one your favourite authors review team!)
    I never really follow themes of seasonal reads anymore but Fraterfest is always Awesome!

    1. Woo! Congrats on your ARC. Hope you love it.

  8. We share several personality traits on our lists this week. I love a character with a sense of humor too. They always make me smile and look forward to their scenes.

    1. No matter how serious a book it's the funny, irreverent or sarcastic characters that I adore the most!

  9. I love weird and quirky characters, too! 😁

    I don't need anything to get me in the mood for Halloween, either, but if I did I think it would more likely be a movie than a book. 👻

    1. I don't like scary movies but ones like Hocus Pocus are a win!


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