Wednesday 4 December 2019

November Reading Challenge Update

November was a mixed month.
I struggled with fatigue, my mood and keeping on top of things but also had some lovely days and evenings out with family and friends which helped to balance things out a bit.

I had fun taking part in the HoHoHo read-a-thon  - finishing two books - but failed epically at the Read a Series In A Month challenge finishing not a single book.

For December, I'm looking to finish off my remaining challenges and just enjoy the festive period.

In November, I finished 8 books. 

My favourite book of the month was The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan and I didn't have any reads that I didn't enjoy! 😊


This year, I signed up for  4 reading challenges (not including the Goodreads Challenge) and 1 blogging challenge.

Details of them can be found in my 2019 Reading Challenge sign up post.

This month I have made progress as follows...

The Goal was to 10-12 books this year featuring royalty.

I read 0 'Royal' themed book last month, so my total stays at 9!

I'm happy that I'll reach 10 before the year is up though.

My blog challenge... Each month a prompt is given and the goal is to write a blog post that fits it. 

I've given up!
I was going to plan posts and do stuff then November hit and it died. 
Actually, I think it was dead before then but it definitely died again in November.

My aim for this one was to read 10-15 books featuring bad boys... 
In November, I read 4 bringing the total to 8!

Two more and I complete this challenge so I'm feeling confident!

This reading challenge is aimed at reading books published before 2019 and getting them off your backlist/TBR/wishlist... This year, I'm hoping to read 60 books from the backlist.

For November, I read 6 books from the backlist.

My total for the year goes to 45.

I was aiming for 60 backlist books this year but that's not going to happen... Maybe I'll hit 50 though which would be nice. Despite knowing I won't complete this challenge, I'm still happy as 45+ is still pretty awesome.

I was originally aiming for 5 audiobooks this year. Because I was beastin' it, I raised the total to 'Weekend Warrior' which is 5-10 books.

In November, I finished 2 audiobooks so my total goes to 11!



How are your challenges going this year?



  1. I never sign up for challenges because I know I won't complete them.

    1. I'm debating next year as they require a lot of attention I'm not sure I want to give next year.

  2. Yeah for finishing the audiobook challenge. The Bad Boy and Royal challenges seems well within reach too.

    1. Yep! I'm determined to finish them both.

  3. I didn't finish the Read A Series In A Month challenge. I just wasn't in the right mood to read the series I'd picked and it set me back on my overall reading! You're doing really well on that Royal challenge which I enjoyed! Congratulations on completing the audiobook challenge!

  4. I go through phases with challenges - some months/years I kill the challenges, others they seem to kill me. Looks like you're doing well on some of your longer challenges and November just wasn't the month for read a series, which I get. Maybe next time ;) Enjoy your December reads!

  5. Wow, looks like you've made good progress on your challenges. Well done!

  6. You did really well with your challenges! I will admit that since I’ve failed the modest few that I’m impressed you stuck with them. I love writing posts to a prompt but don’t get to those much anymore.

  7. Sometimes we have to be happy with the smaller victories - even if it isn't close to the main goal. I am amazed you read as much as what you did! Well done :)

    Chanzie @ Free To Be Me

  8. Looking good on most of those challenge numbers, especially the audiobooks!
    I didn't read anywhere near as many TBR list books as I'd hoped this year so that's going to be my disappointing challenge. I've just been raiding Project Gutenberg for obscure titles to complete my Alphabet Soup by the end of December ;-)


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