Saturday 4 January 2020

Review: Druid Vices and A Vodka by Annette Marie

It's almost impossible to avoid spoilers now but I'm going to try!
That said, be cautious just in case I fail, lol.

I've said it before, but sometimes I'm a bad person. I cheated on my twelfth grade math final, I've run countless yellow lights, and I gossip about how hot my kickass best friends are. (Good thing my job as a guild bartender doesn't require moral perfection.)

But there's bad, and then there's bad. And I'm not sure which applies to a certain dark druid/wanted criminal/reluctant friend of mine. His transgressions include black-magic dealings, kidnapping, and murder, and he's about to add "revenge-fueled killing spree" to his resume—if I don't stop him.

Should I stop him?

He and his nemesis are gearing up to tear each other apart, rogues and vultures are converging with their sights on the spoils, and the guilds that would normally stomp them into the ground are under attack. We're on the brink of an all-out criminal turf war, and my time to decide is almost up.

Who's the real bad guy ... and do I dare stand in his way?

*eARC granted in exchange of an honest review.*

So many emotions!!!
I'm in shock. I'm exhilarated. I'm terrified. I feel betrayed. I feel hopeful. I'm curious and I'm desperate for more!
OMG! This book, guys! This book! It almost freakin' killed me with all the feelings!
It was so good!

The series has reached its boiling point. Everything is starting to come together. Some things are answered. GC Spellbound is growing ever more intwined with GC Demonized and you can just about see how it's all going to come together but key pieces of the puzzle are still surrounded by mist, so close yet so tantalisingly out of reach... I want to scream, I want to sob and I want to dance a happy dance because Annette Marie is delivering an amazing story that I cannot get enough of!

Druid Vices and A Vodka really drives the series forward and fans of the series will undoubtedly adore it!

Tori is put through the wringer, trying so hard to save Ezra and be there for her friends. Her loyalty knows no bounds... But actions have consequences and people can't outrun their pasts forever.
  Ezra is almost out of time. Kai's family has finally caught up with him, and strong, firey, Aaron is breaking by his inability to help his friends.
Not to mention our beloved but asshole-ish Druid, Zak, who was the catalyst for so many things coming to a head in this book... He completely and utterly broke my heart and it'll take something special to redeem him from this.

There is action galore, personal growth, sacrifice, and shippers rejoice! There is some bittersweet loveliness for our (hopefully not) doomed lovebirds.

I want to wrap myself in a blanket and rock in a corner at the thought of not getting book seven until July BUT book three in the Demonized series releases in April and it'll drive everything forward some more. Based on Robin and Zylas encounters in this book, I imagine that their next book (Hunting Fiends for The Ill-Equipped) will cross over the events in this one heavily.
(Yes, that means there is a nice amount of Tori/Robin interaction in this book AND Zylas!)

All in all, I'm super happy with this instalment.
I absolutely loved it and while things seem a little bit dark and hopeless for our beloved characters, I know that the author is going to bring it home in a big way and it's going to be awesome.


  1. I haven't read this series but people have been saying it's good.

    1. It's pretty awesome! the romance takes a long time to get going though... It's definitely UF not PNR.

  2. I love it when a series stays so strong after six books!

    1. It's fantastic! I'm so glad I started reading this series... And mad I didn't wait until it's finished! lol

  3. This book really felt like the tipping point for the series with so many big things going on and happening. I really love seeing how the two series get more intertwined as well. I really enjoyed this book as well and can't wait for the next demonized book.

    1. I'm SO excited for more! Robin and Zylas are firm favourites.

  4. OH my goodness you have me both excited and nervous to start this now! Eep! I just started Robyn's book but now I'm so anxious for this one and July!? I don't know if I will be able to wait that long. Am I going to want to punch Zak? Dang him!

    1. You're going to want to punch Zak and hug him so tightly... The lonely whacked out beautiful broken boy. :(


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