Tuesday 25 February 2020

A Tell Me Something Tuesday Collection #1

I haven't taken part in Tell Me Something Tuesday for quite a while so I thought, "why not jump in and answer a bunch of questions all in one go?" So, I did!

Let's dive in...

What's your favorite underrated book/series?

Hmmm... This is tricky and I'm not 100% sure I'd class them as favourites but I liked them very very much...

Kalayna Price's Grave Witch series springs to mind for underrated UF. 

Katie Delahanty's In Bloom springs to mind as an underrated book (contemporary romance)...

 As does Heather Lyon's Deep End of The Sea (fantasy romance). 

I'm sure there are countless others but these are the ones my brain spat out at me so I'm rolling with them as my favourites, lol. 

Who are some of the recent debut/ new to me authors that impressed you?

This year, so far, Helen Hoang is the only new to me author who I adored! 
If you haven't read The Bride Test you so should... I fully intend to read more from her including the first book in the series, The Kiss Quotient. 

My favourite new-to-me author of last year was Annette Marie (no surprise there, lol!)
 I went from never having read anything of hers to having read almost everything because her blend of UF and Fantasy is freaking awesome!

Do you take advantage of free chapter previews?

Typically, no, as I don't see the point in reading the beginning of a book then being cut off for months! However, I have read a few chapter previews and when I do, I tend to read them in the days leading up to the book's release basically giving me a head start on reading it. That way, if I'm enjoying it,  I can just buy the book and keep on reading. 

I think this method defeats the publisher's intention though... They want people to read them in advance and generate buzz and build anticipation, but without having to pony up a full arc. 
If people ignored preview chapters (or read them just before release) they'd have to rethink that strategy. 
I guess the preview chapters would be enough for some people to decide whether they want to buy a book or not so could be used as a quick and cheap way for a reader to make a decision on whether to invest in a book but I still believe it's more about publishers wanting to limit arcs and the potential for spoilers. 

What type of books do you like to cuddle up with in winter?

Whatever book I feel like! I'm a mood reader and I'm just as likely to read a "beach read" in winter as I am a "festive read" in summer. 
That said, I do enjoy festive reads in the run up to Christmas, and I do think I tend to crave things like PNR/UF more in autumn and winter than I do in summer. 
Summer, I crave more contemporary romances.

Do you read/listen to more than one book at a time, or do you give every book your undivided attention? 

I tend to have an audiobook and an ebook on the go at the same time. 
Sometimes, although it's rare, I have multiple ebooks in progress of different genres as well as an audiobook.
Having the books I'm reading in different genres is the key thing for me. 
I can't have multiple books of the same genre in progress simultaneously or it annoys me. The purpose of different books is to serve different reading moods and that purpose would be defeated if they were the same genre. 

Tell me about the city/town you live in.

I live in a small village bordering Salisbury (which is our postal town) and the New Forest.
Salisbury is a cathedral city in the south of England. 
A cathedral city is basically a town which is way too small to be considered a city under standard definitions but is classed as one anyway because it has a cathedral: Yep, it's weird, I have no idea why they have this definition but it is what it is... Anyway, the professor and I moved here after University (11 years ago) and here we remain!
It's very pretty here and it's excellently placed for travel to lots of locations with the centre of London being only a 90 minutes train ride away.

What's your favourite underrated books/series? 


  1. Yes to the Grace Witch and Druid series, they are both favorites and I adore them and definitely think they need more recognition!!

    1. Definitely! I'm so excited for new books in these series!

  2. I haven't read any of those series. Some of them look good though. I think I would have to pick The Dark King's series by Donna grant it's such a great series but I don't see it on many blogs.

    1. I don't think I've heard of the The Dark King series but I'll check it out! :)

  3. I've done this before too lol

    I love your town and how close it seems to all the fun/beautiful things to do.

    Karen @ For What It's worth

    1. It is a very handy place to live to get to places. :)

  4. I don't read a lot of series, and am not familiar with your underrated series, but I have read both of Hoang's books, and like you, I adored them. She is a gift to contemporary romance, and really brings something special to the table.

    1. I just snagged the Kiss Quotient this week as The Bride Test made me want to read more of the author. You're right, she brings something special. :)

  5. I have to say that the Italy Intrigue series by Stacey Joy Netzel is one of my favorite underrated series. Actually, all her books to me are underrated. She has such a quirky humor in them that makes me smile and overall Stacey's just a nice person.

    1. I don't think I've heard of that series but I'll check it out! :)

  6. I like your idea here! I keep meaning to do these posts. I even had Heidi send me a list of a bunch of upcoming topics so I could plan ahead. I might have to mix a few together like you did. I think where you live sounds lovely, and that's great it's not terribly far from London so you could get there easily enough if you wanted to!


    1. It is a lovely area with lots to do and super easy to get lots of other places too. :)

      I figure there's no harm in mixing things up! Committing to things week on week can be difficult but we can all catch up every now and again so why not? :) I plan to do this more often...

  7. I read so many Indie series that other readers haven't had contact with that I couldn't choose the best! Too many to choose from! When time allows I try those previews Amazon do on Kindle books where you can read the first couple of chapters. I've found it useful to weed out potential books where I don't like the writing style, the start is slow and characters horrible! But buying based on these opening chapters doesn't protect you from the book not delivering later. It does help though.


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