Saturday 21 March 2020

Dark Tempest by Annette Marie (Red Winter #2)

*Possible minor spoilers for Red Winter (book 1) ahead!*

Emi has dedicated her life to becoming the perfect vessel for the goddess Amaterasu, but the insidious betrayal of another deity has changed everything. Now Amaterasu has charged Emi with an urgent mission: to find and free the earthly gods before mankind is brought to its knees beneath divine tyranny.

At her side is Shiro, the mysterious fox spirit. When she first saved his life, she could never have imagined that behind his cunning and confidence, he was lost—his power bound by a devastating curse and his memories obscured. His veiled history is somehow tied to the missing gods, but he can't remember how or why.

As their search leads them into the murky depths of the spirit realm, the shadows of Shiro's past begin to emerge. With each brief awakening of his true self, she loses a little more of him. The fate of the heavens and earth rest in her mortal hands, and she must find the missing gods before time runs out for her world—and for Shiro.

Dark Tempest picks up days after the events of Red Winter and see’s Emi having to convince the shrine guardians of Amaterasu that Izanami and the other Amatsukami - think god-like beings from the heavenly realm - are up to evil and that Amaterasu has given her a mission to find and free the missing Kunitsukami - god-like beings of the Earthly realm - before it’s all too late.
Basically, Emi has to complete mission impossible... But she is not alone!
She has allies within the shrine, she has friends/allies amongst the yokai and she is a spirited and brave young woman who won't give up without a fight! She’ll do what she must to serve her Kami and prevent Izanami from destroying the world.

Like Red Winter, Dark Tempest has a slow beginning as Emi tries to enlighten the shrine guardians of what's really going on, however, once she sets off with Shiro and Yumai (two powerful yokai) to do what she must, the action kicks into high gear.

Emi’s power is increasing, her bond with Shiro is growing and the stakes have never been higher!
 She is intelligent, fierce and loyal and I adore her!
 She started this series a super sheltered girl studiously preparing herself to be the perfect vessel for Amaterasu without a thought for herself and within a few short weeks, her entire world is flipped on its head as she's essentially thrust into a war between god-like beings.
Given her upbringing she should be hiding behind a cascade of shrine warriors and delicately rocking in a corner, not fighting monsters and beings from myth and legend in order to save the world - but she does! She rises to the occasion. She knows what the ultimate price will be and she will pay it.

We find out who Shiro really is, we find out more about Yumai, we meet other powerful Yokai and the mystery surrounding what happened to the Kunitsukami is unravelled!
Dark Tempest leaves everyone with much still to do but Emi’s list of allies is growing as we head towards the conclusion.

I have no idea how this series can have a happy ending for our star crossed lovers - Emi and Shiro - but I’m not entirely convinced it’s supposed to… Which makes me sad as the pair of them deserve happiness. (Their friendship, banter and budding romance is just everything.)

Annette Marie has created something beautiful and truly special with this series... The world-building is fantastic and the characters slip inside your soul and take root.
I cannot wait to read how it ends!
If you love fantasy tales or Japanese folklore, you need to read this!

Narrated by: Emily Woo Zeller

Favourite Quotes

“What about death is to be feared? The burdens of life can be so great that it would be a comfort to know that someday it will end...that someday, we will have earned final rest.”


“Are you ready to die?”
“No,” she whispered.
“Then rise and take up your sword.”


  1. I've never really been drawn to anything about god/deities but this does sound pretty exciting. And I love the cover and that quote at the bottom.

    1. I do love books based on mythologies... Japanese is new for me though! :)

  2. This sounds so good. I really love Emi and can't wait to continue this series!


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