Tuesday 24 March 2020

(Top Ten Tuesday) British Romance Authors!

For this week's genre freebie I've decided to list 10 British authors who write romances that I adore!

Why British authors you may ask? 
Well, I am British and I love romance! However, most of the authors I read tend to be American and that just seems... Not wrong but a little unloyal to my compatriots so this is my shout out to them. 
I see you and I read you! 
(Although it was more than a little bit difficult to find you on my kindle... Sorry!)

 Jodi Ellen Malpas

Okay, so Malpas is probably a bad place to start since she's well known on a global romance reading scale... But still, she's British so she totally counts for this list.

Emma Hart

Another romance author who is British but writes mostly American based romances... I guess it is a massive market and you write to your audience! 

Tillie Cole

Oh bloody hell... Okay, I know. Another British romance author who writes books not based in the UK but at least a fair few of them have British characters! (Or, at least, Sweet Home/Rome and Eternally North do!)

Talia Hibbert

Okay, confession time, I haven't actually read any of Hibbert's books but I love her twitter game, she's British and I DO have Get A Life, Chloe Brown on the TBR just waiting on me reading it.
Fingers crossed she actually bases some books here or this list is going off the rails rather quickly... 😐

Lindsey Kelk

Kelk's I Heart series will forever be a favourite even though it dives down the rabbit hole more times than I can count... And I'm totally ignoring the fact that the main character Angela runs away to America. She is British and Kelk writes quirky British gals perfectly!


Okay... Need to dig deeper now... Need British authors who write about British characters in Britain!
Or else I'm not doing a very good job of shouting 'mon the Brits!

Actually, now I come to think of it...

Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher is one of those awesome people who is unashamedly herself and has an awesome social media game. She's married to Tom Fletcher from the band McFly and she writes nice contemporary romances (which I've enjoyed) as well as writing non-fiction books on motherhood. 
She also writes YA books with her husband but I haven't read those. 

Katie Fford

Fford is one of those authors that I read everything she had to offer back in my late teens and early twenties with one complaint - the characters were "too old" (being in their late 20s-30s). Now, 15 years later, my perspective is very different, lol. I haven't read her books in a long time but I've recently acquired her newer ones so we'll see how it goes now "I'm older"...

Jaimie Admans

Jaimie writes lovely uncomplicated romances that make me smile from start to finish. 
Each is different but delivers a low drama HEA.

Carla Burgess

Carla's books are sweet and addictive! I've adored all I've read and can't wait to catch up with those I haven't. (I'm side-eyeing you, Stuck With You...)



  1. I am feeling pretty full of myself, because I have read quite a few of these. Talia Hibbert is a new favorite. Her books are wonderful! I knew she was English, as her books are set there, but I didn't realize Tillie Cole was. The book I read was set in the US (Sweet Home), though, maybe the heroine was English? Roxie Cooper broke me with her book. Cried FOREVER! And, like, who knew I would embrace a book about cheating. Kinsella is an old favorite. Her books never fail to make me warm and fuzzy.

    1. I think out of all by blogger friends, you were the one I thought would be familiar with some of these! :)

  2. I need to take a look at these authors.

    1. The one's I've read have been pretty good so I hope you do! :)

  3. Replies
    1. They're all contemporary and that doesn't seem to be your thing... Felicity Heaton is a British PNR author who you may like though!

  4. I don't think I've ever seen an all-British list on a TTT post before. Very cool!

    My TTT .

  5. Back in the late 90's/early 2000's I used to read a lot of British author. Lisa Jewell, Jane Green, Anna Maxted, Marian Keyes (wait, she's Irish, I think... never mind). I read fewer now but I'm not sure why. I own several by Giovanna Fletcher but haven't read them yet. And When You Were Mine by Lisa Swift is already on my TBR.

  6. I like the topic you chose - though I agree based on this that the US seems to be the market - maybe YOU could start writing British novels with British people/romances, seems like that market has yet to be cornered!

  7. Fun list! I adored Get a Life, Chloe Brown, and can't wait to read more from that author. :)


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