Tuesday 28 July 2020

TTT: Books By My Favourite Authors That I Still Need To Read.

Oooh, I like freebie topics! Only, I couldn't think of one for myself... So, I went back into the archives and plucked one out and here we are!

Books by my favourite authors that I still need to read.
(It would probably be more accurate to call it, "books by frequently read" authors because I struggle with calling any author a favourite but whatever. Let's not split hairs!)

Kulti & Hard Pass by Mariana Zapata

Kulti I have owned for a couple of years now and Hands Down is her new release that I downloaded immediately via Kindle Unlimited... I have no excuse for not having read them yet beyond I've got to be in the mood!

Fates Edge & Steel's Edge by Ilona Andrews

I love Ilona Andrews books... All of their series, but the Edge series is my least favourite and I have no idea why I never finished the series beyond they're interconnected standalones so I felt no compulsion to jump onto the next one after finishing the one before. *shrugs* I'll finish off the collection at some point, I'm sure. Just need the mood to strike.

Spellweaver Series by Annette Marie

I discovered Annette Marie via her Guild Codex series and while waiting on the next book(s) to release worked my way through her back catalogue. People rave about her Steel and Stone series but I wasn't as enamoured with it as her Guild Codex series so decided not to read the spin-off of Steel and Stone (aka Spellweaver) until I'd sufficient "cleansed my palette" and could appreciate it. Needless to say, I haven't been bothered to read it yet but I will!
Annette Marie can write.

The Turn by Kim Harrison

A novel set in the world of The Hollows. A novel featuring Trent Kalamack's mother at the beginning of the Turn, an event that spawned the entire premise of the Hollows.
I've owned it for years but, again, haven't read it. I don't even know why at this point...

Shatter The Night by Karen Chance

I was super dooper excited for this book. I bought it as soon as it released... Then I never read it. I guess I'm waiting to find out when the next one is due for release before I dive in. That, or the mood to strike. I find I've got to be in a specific mood for Chance's brand of UF.

Repeat by Kylie Scott

Another book I have and another book I just have not read yet.
I have an addiction. I'm only a little bit sorry...

Trials of Apollo & Magnus Chase by Rick Riordan

I blame coronavirus and my lack of commuting time in the past four months for not having listened to these books yet.

As for why I haven't listened to/read the Trials of Apollo series... First, the kid was listening to the audiobooks and I can't listen to them at the same time or the app gets confused with who is where in the book. Second, after the kid started dying inside and demanding to know when the final book releases - because he neeeeeds it - I decided to time listening to them so I was ready for the final book right about the time the kid will have finished listening to it.
I don't need the added suspense of this series hanging over my head. I have enough series torturing me book to book as it is! 😂


  1. I have a bunch of Kylie Scott books I want to read. We have all Rick Riordan's books too (my daughter loves him), but I have many unread.

  2. I have a tough time calling authors my favorite too. I mean, I have some, I guess, but I haven't read EVERY book by most of these authors. I would like to read more of Nick Hornby's latest books. I love his stuff.


  3. Repeat was an entertaining read. It didn't blow me away but it was good. And I can't believe I *still* haven't read anything by Mariana Zapata. What am I doing with my life?!

  4. Oh lordy, this would be a long list for me but Ilona Andrews would be on mine too. I still need to read the last two Kate books.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  5. It looks like a few of us had similar ideas this week! I've always admired the cover art for Rick Riordan's books but those Magnus Chase books are stunning!

  6. Great list, hopefully you get to read some of these soon. I have always wanted to read Ilona Andrews, I've heard good things.

  7. The title of this blog post is exactly the shelf I need to set up in Goodreads!!!!! Thank you!


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