Wednesday 12 August 2020

Would You Rather Tag! (Greg's Questions)

Everyone loves a nice game of would you rather, right?!
Right. So, today I'm answering 10 questions set out by Greg.

My set of questions are at the bottom of the post so if you'd like to participate consider yourself tagged!

1) Would you rather read or watch Netflix for an entire year?

Honestly, I could do with a year of solid reading followed by a year of solid Netflix in order to catch up on all the things I want to read/watch but just never have time to!
However, if one had to go... It would be Netflix. Obviously. I'm not a monster.
Books win!

2) Would you rather read all new releases or used/ backlist books for a year?

Easy. Backlist.
I spend most of my time reading backlist anyway.

3) Would you rather have pizza or Chinese food?

I love Chinese food but I could eat pizza daily, for multiple meals, and be happy. 

4) Would you rather use Bookstagram or Twitter- only one- for a whole year?

Probably Twitter.
I'm using Instagram a bit more nowadays but I still prefer Twitter for bookish things.

5) Would you rather have your blog professionally designed or do you like to DIY?

A bit of both?
I like having a fully customisable, mobile responsive, template that I purchased (as I think blogger's default templates suck) but I don't know enough to properly design my own from scratch and botching something together isn't my thing.

6) Would you rather have a bookstore or be hired by your fave publisher?

Own a bookstore. I'd never want to work in publishing.

7) Would you rather have dogs or cats?

Cats and I do have cats. Two of them.

I grew up with dogs and think they're lovely but I do not want to ever own one as an adult.
My routines and personality would not make me a very good dog owner.

8) Would you rather go to the past or future?

Past but only as a silent observer and I'd need the ability to understand whatever language is being spoken around me. I wouldn't want to be seen or have any influence over anything. I just want to see what people looked like, watch how things truly unfolded etc. 

9) Would you rather be in a Victorian-era mystery or a future setting book?

I guess I don't really care as neither are my thing but if I had to choose I'd probably go Victorian Mystery.

10) What is your best book of 2020 so far?

Nope, sorry, can't choose one! As per my Mid-Year Freek Out tag, it's one of these:

Druid Vices and a Vodka - Annette Marie
The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller
Daisy Jones and The Six - Taylor Jenkins Reid
Lost Talismans and a Tequila - Annette Marie


As I said at the beginning, if you want to answer some questions, consider yourself tagged!

My Questions:

1) Would you rather eat out or have a home-cooked meal every evening for the rest of your life?
2) Would you rather visit theme parks or visit castles/historical sites?
3) Would you rather have instantaneous travel in the present or the ability to time travel to the past?
4) Would you rather live in perpetual night or perpetual day?
5) Would you rather walk a mile on lego bricks or broken glass?
6) Would you rather lose the internet (i.e it ceases to exist) or lose your eyesight?
7) Would you rather play a game you love with people you hate OR play a game you hate with people you love?
8) Would you rather own the Mona Lisa or Starry Night?
9) Would you rather wear clothes that are always too big or always a little too small?
10) Would you rather burn books for warmth or freeze to death?


  1. Since I don't have Netflix and am not a TV watcher... yeah, I'd choose books, too. LOL And pizza always, always wins. :) I love seeing Daisy Jones as one of your favorites this year. I loved those characters!

  2. *high five* for pizza lovers. I am also a big fan, but I would probably want to read new releases all the time (it's sort of what I do now)

  3. Ooh fun! :) I agree about pizza. I never seem to get tired of pizza lol. Same here with Twitter although I do like Bookstagram, I'm just terrible at keeping up with it. And yay for cats!

    I'd love to go back in the past too, but yes just to observe? Great answers!! And your questions are fun too. #5- yikes! Either sounds painful haha. I'd pick LEGO bricks I guess and hope for the best. :)

  4. I’d answer most of these questions the same way you did! Except the cat one. I’ve never owned a cat, but I’ve had a lot of dogs. I can’t imagine my life without a dog.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  5. It would definitely be Twitter for me. I'm on there more than any other social media platform Chinese food for me. I like pizza but not as much as I used to.

  6. Ooh these are fun! I would definitely love to own a bookstore. I'd choose a year of just books and no Netflix, since I don't really watch it a ton anyway. LOL I'd choose Instagram over Twitter, because I definitely use it more these days.


  7. Yes to choosing books, pizza and backlist books! I don't really use social media-I tend to be on Twitter once a week at most. Ooh some of your questions are tough! Dump the Internet, home cooked meals, historical sites, instant time travel in the present and baggy clothes!

  8. It's so hard to pick Netflix or reading. But I would go with reading too. Also, you could still watch series "outside" Netflix. =P I would love to have my own bookstore.

    Happy readings!
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret


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