Tuesday 22 September 2020


I'm hopeless at making a list of books at and telling myself I'm going to read them at a specific point (I'm too moody a reader) but I decided to make this list because THERE ARE SO MANY AWESOME BOOKS RELEASING IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS! 
Seriously guys... What is going on?!
It's like the mother-load of my most anticipated releases of the year are releasing throughout Autumn so I am actually confident that I will read all of these before Winter arrives and I don't think I've ever been able to say that before! lol

Wild Fire by Kristen Ashley 

More Chaos! It may only be a novella but I'll take it! 
(And let's be honest... KA novellas are the length of most author's full-length novels!)

Damned Souls and a Sangria by Annette Marie 

This one doesn't release until the 2nd of October but I'll be inhaling it as soon as it hits my kindle! 
I'm dying to know how it all ends for Tori and the gang!

The Tower of Nero by Rick Riordan 

The final Trials of Apollo book releases on October 6th and we're ready for it! 
(But I'll need to wait until the little dude listens to it first... Sigh.)

Delivering Evil for Experts by Annette Marie

There's no cover for this one yet but it marks the end of another Annette Marie's series and I'm so excited and so sad that it's over!
The 16th of October cannot come soon enough!

The Bright and Breaking Sea by Chloe Neill

Magic on the high seas? Who wouldn't want to read this?

Grave War by Kalayna Price 

Grave War is the final book in the Alex Craft series and I'm super excited to see how it all ends!
November is going to be super fun!

How The King of Elfhame Learned To Hate by Holly Black 

A little more Cardan will make a heart happy!

Hellbound Guilds and Other Misdirections by Annette Marie and Rob Jacobsen

Book two in Annette Marie & Rob Jaconsen's Guild Codex Warped series and I already know it's going to rock (because all the Guild Codex books do!)
It doesn't release until December 4th but I'll make a nice pre-Christmas treat!


Are any of these on your Fall TBRs? 


  1. I'm planning on the 2 Guild Codex books except on audio, so later. And I have Bright & Breaking Sea too. Happy reading!

    Anne - Books of My Heart

    1. Oh, I hope you enjoy them all! Can't wait to see what you think.

  2. I'm so excited for the new Folk of the Air book from Holly Black. I need more Cardan in my life. :)

    1. I want inside his head! I finished up loving that series. :)

  3. The Bright and Breaking Sea has SUCH a cool cover. There really are tons of books coming out this season, and I want them all. hah


  4. I've been saying over and over again that readers are practically being spoiled with the number of great releases coming up, and your list more than proves that!

  5. Autumn always seems to have a great slate of books. I think King of Elfhame looks great, I still need to read her books.

  6. These are all new to me but I hope you enjoy them!

  7. None are on my tbr at the moment but I do intend to try Annette Marie's books at some point soon. Mind you, soon could mean anytime in the next three years!

  8. None of them are on my list right now but I tend to read different books than you do.

  9. I can't stick to lists either but what the hell - throw into the universe & you might get a few in! lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Especially a universe of books you do want to read! Odds are I'll get at least half ticked off before the seasons tick over. ;)


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