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Ancient Magic, Mirror Mage and Stolen Magic by Linsey Hall (Dragon's Gift: The Huntress Books 1-3)


I listened to these on audiobook.
The narrator would be passible if she could actually do an English accent, Irish accent or a Scottish accent... OMG, her Scottish accent is the worst.
Thankfully, the story is told from the pov of Cass and Cass has an American accent so I didn't have to deal with too much blood leaking from my ears...
The stories are engaging and after a while, I become semi-deaf to the horrors being inflicted upon the accents of my home nations so I was free to enjoy the tales.

I’m good at two things: finding treasure and killing demons. Lying low is a close third—but not because I want to be good at hiding. I have to be. I’m a FireSoul, one of the unlucky few to inherit a piece of the dragon’s soul. Being born with the dragon’s covetousness should be a sweet gig - I have the power to find and steal any type of treasure, including the powers of other supernaturals.
But it doesn’t come without a price - stealing powers requires that I kill, and others would destroy me if they discover what I am. In a world full of magic, hiding my species is the only way to survive. Finding magical artifacts is the only way to pay the bills. It’s a dangerous job when you can barely use your magic, but that’s one of the things I like about it.

When Aidan Merrick, the most powerful shifter in the city, hired me to find an ancient scroll, I didn’t want to take the job. His immense amount of power reminds me of too much of murky memories from a past I can’t remember. But I don’t have a choice. The scroll reveals what I am. And if anyone finds out, I’m dead.

When Aidan Merrick, the most powerful shifter in the city, hired me to find an ancient scroll, I didn’t want to take the job. His immense amount of power reminds me of too much of murky memories from a past I can’t remember. But I don’t have a choice. The scroll reveals what I am. And if anyone finds out, I’m dead.

The first book in the series gave me Tomb Raider vibes... Probably because the first time we meet adult Cass she is fighting off bad guys in an ancient monument in order to obtain a magical artefact.
That's her job - retrieving magical artefacts that have magic that is destabilising and bringing them back to the shop she runs/owns with her sisters (of heart, not blood) where they move the magic into a new vessel and return the artefacts to where they found them. Simples. Except, nothing is ever simple in UF or it would be boring. Cass - and her sisters - are firesouls and firesouls are reviled amongst the magical community and hunted...

The book is pretty fast-paced, the world-building is easy enough to follow along with and doesn't overwhelm you and the story is interesting. There's a mysterious big bad linked to Cass and her sister's past, intrigue to untangle, an adventure to be had and a sexy, powerful, dude to catch feelings for... Basically, what's not to like?

I'm super curious to see how Cass's relationship with Aiden plays out - it's a slow burner - and to find out more about where Cass and her sisters came from and who the big bad is that stalks them.

Ancient Magic is a solid beginning to the series.

Duration: 7hrs

Cass Clereaux likes her job. It’s simple—steal the magic, don’t get killed. FireSouls like her are perfect for magic treasure hunting. Their dragon soul helps them find treasure, their wicked powers help them steal it. But there’s a big freaking downside—FireSouls are hunted. If either of the magical governments figures out what she is, she can kiss her life goodbye.
When the Alpha Council comes to her with a special job, it’s a no-brainer to turn it down, no matter how much money they’re offering. Shifters who can sniff out her weird magic are the last supernaturals she needs to be around. Worse? They have a history of hunting FireSouls. But when Cass learns that a little girl’s life is at stake and Cass is her last hope, she doesn’t have a choice.
With her sisters and Aidan Merrick at her back, she’s got a chance at saving the girl and keeping her deadly secret—until she learns there’s far more to this kidnapping than meets the eye. It’s far too similar to what happened to her as a child, and everything new that she learns scares her even more.

Book two picks up a couple of weeks after the events of Ancient Magic, so you definitely have to read this series in order, and if book one was a gentle introduction to the world and the society the magical types inhabit, book two is a crash course in shifter society as Cass takes on a mission at the behest of the Alpha Council and is thrust into their domain. She's not alone though... Aiden is with her and I loved that, for I love Aiden - he's interesting, protective and sweet - and Aiden and Cass together make one heck of a team.
We learn a lot about Aiden's past in this book, more about Cass's past returns to her and we have our first encounter with "the monster"... I.e the evil dude who abducts firesoul children for his evil ends.
The series still has Tomb Raider vibes for me due to ancient monuments and historical sites featuring predominantly in the settings, but Cass felt less like Lara Croft and more like "scared little girl" in this one than in the first.

Mirror Magic moves the series plotline on a little but not enough to stop me getting a wee bit frustrated at times with all the mysteries... There's only so much I can take before I want answers! But I didn't really get answers, just more questions.

Again, the book was a solid read. Enjoyable but not unputdownable.

Duration: 6hrs 53min
Book Three: Stolen Magic

Being a FireSoul has its perks. Cass Clereaux can find any type of magical treasure or steal any magical power. She’ll pick hunting treasure any day because she doesn’t have to kill for it, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t stolen powers before. She needs them to stay alive. A fight to the death is the least of what she can expect if other supernaturals find out what she is, so Cass has become an expert at lying low..
When her friend is sucked into a magical portal, she’s the only one with the power to help him. But what Cass uncovers is a danger greater than she’d ever imagined—and linked to her past in a way she’d never expect. Even worse, the portal puts her whole town at risk. As the threat grows, she must confront her fear of losing control over her new powers or lose any hope of saving hundreds of lives.
Sure, being a FireSoul has its perks. But a fight to the death isn't one of them.

Ah, now, this is more like it! Stolen Magic delivers every bit as much action and adventure as the first two books in the series but the stakes are higher, the entire gang is in play in order to save their city, and "the monster" now has a name! Not to mention, we now have much more info about Cass and her sister's background. Don't get me wrong, there are many questions remaining here but we have some answers and that's fantastic. I enjoyed the pace of the story, the twists and turns it took and the growth Cass underwent... Plus, Cass's relationship with Aiden takes a big step forward. *happy squeals*
Oh, and there are dragons! Little elemental dragons that I adored and want to keep for myself... But I'm getting off topic. (If I was ever on one...)
The series is teetering at the top of a rollercoaster and I highly anticipate that the downward whoosh is going to be terrifying and exhilarating! It's been a slow climb to reach this point but I'm super excited to find out what happens next! So much is on the line now... Good stuff.

Duration: 6hrs 55min

Series narrated by Laurel Schroeder.
Listening speed 1.25x



  1. I wouldn't know if the accent was authentic so it probably wouldn't be an issue for me. lol

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  2. I'm not big on romance in my UF as you know but I did quite like the first book in this series. I liked the characters, which is always important. Whether I ever get to book two is another question, purely down to the amount of books I have to read!

  3. I just might grab this one (in book form LOL!) because who doesn't need another good fantasy series right? Great reviews!

  4. Narrators who botch accents are such a distraction. It constantly pulls me out of the story.


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