Tuesday 8 December 2020

Holiday Things That Make Me Get My Grinch On

It is the most wonderful time of the year and all that jazz but that doesn't mean that it's all twinkly lights and candy canes... The holidays can be annoying. 
Today, for Top Ten Tuesday, I'm listing things that make me get my grinch on... But don't worry, I've tried not to make it too depressing. 


Christmas cards, decorations and other Christmas paraphernalia in the shops from August. 
I love Christmas but not before October! Halloween comes first.
If you're in doubt, pop on the Nightmare Before Christmas and see what happens when the natural order is interfered with.
(FYI - I love that movie.)


The crowds! 
Everywhere, all the time... And people are rabid and super grumpy!
It affects parking, eating, browsing, buying... Everything. I leave the house full of festive cheer and return ready to burn down the Christmas tree.
But not to worry! I'll pop on some well worn festive jingles and eat some mince pies (no I won't, I don't like mince pies) and I'll be happy again.

(Although, this year, Covid has made this some only semi-applicable so I suppose that's one good thing...)


The prices. 
A body wash and a loofah in a festive bag. £10. Two days after Christmas, £4.
Talk about festive price gouging!


Elf on The Shelf
I hate it. He's creepy and it just puts unnecessary pressure on parents at an already busy and pressured time of year!
(And I'm grumpy about this despite the fact that monstrous little monster has never been "a thing" in my house!)


People getting bent over the phrase Merry Christmas.
I don't even want to start on this one honestly... But I guess I'm going to?
Yes, not everyone is Christian and, Christian or not, not everyone celebrates Christmas. Many people of no faith or other faith celebrate Christmas as a family day. (At least here in the UK.)
No matter where you sit on this topic, is it REALLY a reason to lose it on a shop assistant being polite? It is REALLY a reason to rant at people?
Is it?! I don't think so.
(She says while ranting.)
It comes down to basic humanity and not being an asshole and taking something in the spirit it is intended. Not everybody is out to insult people.

Swallow some festive spirit (maybe some mulled wine or eggnog?) and chill out!

PS - Don't get me started on those who try to weaponise Merry Christmas... Oh, do I have words for that bunch.


It hardly ever snows here.
It rarely snows where I am at any point in the year so snow at Christmas?! Super super rare.
But in all the books, all the movies, on all the cards and in all the songs - snow! Snow everywhere. 
I think I'm so bitter about it because I love snow and I'd love a snowy Christmas... I haven't seen one since I was a kid. 


People criticising how people choose to do gifts.
For some reason, this topic erupts on social media every single year and it drives me bug-fucking crazy.
It always starts with an innocent post about what someone is buying their kid(s) or a picture of a pile of presents, and then suddenly everyone thinks they're allowed to pile on with their opinion. 
It's usually focussed around accusations of "making other parents feel bad they can't do that for their kid(s)" and affordability/debt but sometimes it veers in the direction of new vrs second-hand or sustainability and it never fails to irritate me because it's nobody's business! 
Seriously, stop harshing people's happy! 
Everyone's circumstances are different. Circumstances vary year-by-year for most people. Everyone has different attitudes and beliefs. You do you and let others do what they do and, generally, just live and let live! It's Christmas! Be kind. 


People when they complain about socks or books as presents.
I live in fluffy socks. I live and breathe books. Do I really have to explain why this one irritates me?
And seriously, even if you're not a bookworm, why are you complaining about getting a book someone put thought into buying you? Why complain when someone spends any of their hard-earned cash on you, regardless of what they've purchased? Talk about ungrateful. 


The pressure to be happy, jolly and festive.
I'm not going to lie, I'm one of those people who has two modes at Christmas: Elf or Grinch. I often swing between the two (probably because of some of what I've listed) but one thing I dislike more than just about anything is when people say things like, "Cheer up, it's Christmas." Or just expect you to be happy because... It's Christmas. 
There are a lot of things to be happy and excited about at Christmas but Christmas can also be a tough time for people. Some people have to work all the way through it. Some people have no one to celebrate with. Some are gutted with pain over those who are no longer with us. Some feel sadness and guilt because they can't afford to "do" Christmas. Some don't have their kids with them because they're separated and the kids are with the other parent. Some have to spend the holidays with people they don't like because their loved ones like/love them. People are allowed to feel sad at Christmas. People are allowed to feel a big confusing mess of all the things! 
Accept people are nuanced and they don't have to feel how you think they should feel.
And be nice!


So... What makes you grumpy this time of year?


  1. I don't enjoy the holiday season either.

    The consumerism of it bothers me, and so does the way it can bring out the worst in people. I used to work in retail and had some pretty terrible experiences with customers who took their stress/disappointment/awful attitudes out on us staff members for no reason at all. I still have nightmares about those shifts sometimes.

    Oh, how I wish I could send you some of Ontario's snow, though! :)

    My post.

  2. You slay me! I have to admit, I think the elf is cute. I am glad it didn't exist when my child was young, because moving it every day would be quite a challenge for me, and I am not as creative as some of those other parents out there.

  3. I also hate the Christmas stuff coming out in August. The longer the items are on display, the less special the holiday becomes. 😛 I think they should wait until after Halloween, at least. 🎃

    Christmas music makes me grumpy. I don't listen to it. I listen to the Little Women soundtrack from the 1994 movie, traditional Celtic music, and the Harry Potter soundtracks. Ha ha. 🎄

    Happy Christmas! 🎅

  4. Not your post! It totally made me laugh. Thanks. :D

  5. Elf of the Shelf drives me nuts. My MIL gave one to my daughter for Christmas one year. That didn't even make sense as a gift and we have never moved it like you're supposed to.

  6. I like your keepin' it real post! I love Christmas, but it does have its not so festive side. I'm with you on Merry Christmas and on the Elf on the Shelf (so creepy - I'm glad my youngest no longer believes in Santa so I don't have to do it anymore). I'm also with you on snow. I grew up with snowy Christmases (even if it didn't snow, it was at least COLD), but now I live in a hot, dry, no-snow desert. Christmas just isn't the same when it's sunny and 75 degrees outside!

    Happy TTT!

  7. Awesome I love this post. We only get maybe 2 days a year with snow which doesn't last (which is fine) I had 6 months of snow a year in Minnesota so I'm enjoying the change. But we had snowflakes last night when I went out to get a Christmas tree!

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  8. The whole "Merry Christmas" thing is the same 10 people yelling into the void that we're trying to strip away their rights to celebrate their religion when really no one cares.

    My general rule of thumb is that Christmas starts right after U.S. Thanksgiving so typically the last week of November. I hate the crowds too! Even though we're in a pandemic, the shopping centers are crowded on Saturdays!

  9. This is great. I don't get why people freak out about saying "merry christmas." I'll say thanks to anything. Wish me happy holidays - "thanks", wish me happy hannukah - "thanks." Seriously, just be polite. And I'm allll about socks and books. But in general, it's so rude to complain about a gift someone got you. So so rude.

    And I love certain aspects of Christmas and this time of the year but I also deal with sadness and depression and it's not always great. So it's definitely not my MOST favorite time of the year.


  10. I've never liked Elf on the Shelf. I just don't get it at all.

  11. I have to say - I agree with all of those things! lol

    I don't understand the Merry Christmas or happy holidays thing. Say whatever applies and accept it as the gesture it is. No big deal.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  12. I agree with you on your list! But I gotta add one more: Christmas music. I know it's a thing but it's basically the same 12 songs over and over again just with different musical arrangements and singers. Christmas songs drive me insane and make me super grumpy after a while. My mom loves Christmas music so I just have to find a happy place.

  13. Also I think this might be a good topic for me to do on my blog too. Lol. Thanks for the idea.

  14. Haha, I also love The Nightmare Before Christmas. Excellent movie! I love Christmas, but my least favorite parts are the crowds and the pressure to be happy when guests are around. When I was a kid, we’d have family over constantly between Thanksgiving and New Year. I was exhausted by the end of it. Then school would start up again. I just wanted a break from people!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  15. Yes to the whole Merry Christmas/Seasons Greetings/Happy Holiday debate! Why is is a thing?! The sentiment is the same behind each one.

    I really like The Nightmare Before Christmas too. :-)

    We do have an Elf on the Shelf. Her name is Tinka. We're terrible about remembering her to move her and don't do any of the elaborate scenes with her I see posted on FB. She was a gift. I am not a fan. LOL

    I live in cozy socks too, especially now that I'm working from home most days. I got myself a pair to put into my stocking this year.

    I completely agree with your final point. That really applies to year round, but Christmas is a hard time of year for many as it is, and we should appreciate that not everyone feels festive. Especially this year. I'm like you though--I go between Elf and Grinch. I hadn't really thought about it that way, but it fits.

  16. Great post! Things I hate about Christmas, definitely Elf on the Shelf it’s very creepy! Christmas trees being up in October. We do get snow, very rarely at Christmas but it’s a nightmare, it looks pretty but not if you need to go anywhere in a car! I love the Grinch, I have to watch that old misery every year!

  17. i need to defend the elf. He had one for years and once the kids out grew him we started a new game of hiding him. Now whoever finds him hides him and we keep doing it until Christmas. It's so much fun!

    I also hate the crowds but I love christmas so much the one things that make me the most Grinch is people that are grinchy! lo;

  18. Yes to all of the above! It drives me mad to have this woke nonsense about not being allowed to say Merry Xmas or send a card in case someone is offended by it. My Muslim colleagues I used to work with loved Christmas and did the whole cards, decorations and Secret Santa thing. This Elf on The Shelf crap with parents being mean to their kids to get a few online likes is sick and twisted and I hope the kids get their revenge by destroying their parents stuff. I don't go near the shops because of the crowds and the same Christmas music in every shop all through December!


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