Tuesday 6 April 2021

TMST: If you could live anywhere in the real world, where would you move?

This week's question... If you could live anywhere in the real world, where would you move?
Oooh, this is tough! The truth is, I tend to be happy wherever I am. I don’t dream of moving abroad, I don’t dream of living in exotic locations… I like living rural and having easy access to cities. Sometimes, I think I’d like to live near a beach as I love the sound of the waves but I don’t have a burning desire to make it a reality (and I live within an easy drive of the beach so this would be totally doable without up-ending my life.)

Sometimes the yearning to move back to Edinburgh is almost overwhelming - I miss that city the way I’d miss a limb - but I’ve come to accept that that isn’t where my life is anymore… Even though it breaks my heart. 

I think that my ideal situation would be having the freedom (otherwise known as the time and money) to travel more and be able to spend lengthier periods in different locations. Holidays are great but one two-week holiday anywhere doesn’t quite cut it. I’d love to be able to go to Florida once a year for, say, a month, have regular city breaks in Edinburgh (maybe own a holiday home there?) as well as travel to all the other places I want to visit on a steady rotation… That would probably be my best life and then I wouldn’t have to move ever. I could continue living in the South West of England happy as a clam. :) 
(Although, I’d totally buy a bigger house.)



  1. I'm with you. A permanent move... not so much. I'm good where I am. But the freedom (read: a sudden financial windfall, like winning the lottery) to travel whenever and wherever is something I could get used to. Then I'd go to several bucket list spots: Ireland, Scotland, Greece, and on and on.

  2. I agree with you on being able to travel. I love visiting new places, though I have yet to go anywhere I would want to stay (except Disneyland).

  3. Ever since I was a little girl I wished I could live in London. My mom used to joke and say I must have been British in a past life because I've always talked about London and loved English books from the moment I could read. I still feel that way, but now I'm grown up I know I'll never be able to move there. LOL!! I still love to visit though :D

  4. While a permanent move would be nice for me - I'm okay where I live, but there are several issues that could be solved with a location change - I think the idea of having the time and money to truly travel would also be pretty great. Can I do both lol (seeing as I can afford to do neither)?

  5. There's no one place I'd like to live forever. I like certain things about a lot of places. If I could meld them all together that would be the place lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  6. I'm the opposite of that...I'd get out of Scotland tomorrow if I could before the SNP destroy the country. Part of me would love to move to Blackpool as I know the area so well and another part would like to move to a big rural house where I have peace, security and space. I want to move to England!

  7. Good plan! Travel more and live where I do now.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  8. This is a hard question! I don't know if there's a specific place I have in mind. I sometimes dream of having a house on a Hawaiian island. Someplace tropical. I love the green of Northeastern Pennsylvania and upstate New York, but I couldn't take the snow or humidity that would come with it. I do know wherever I would settle, my dream place would have to have lots of trees, little fire risk, and no snow. Something by the water would be nice too. I wouldn't mind moving back to where my mom is up in Sacramento, California, but not enough to make it a reality. We're too established where we are currently. Maybe when we retire we'll be able to consider moving somewhere we like better.

  9. Without a doubt I would choose Edinburgh in a heartbeat. I can't remember if I have told you this story before but I surprised my mom for Mother's Day with a trip to Scotland over her birthday, and we saw Wicked in London on her actual birthday after five wonderful days in Scotland. The moment I stepped off the bus onto the Royal Mile, I felt a completeness that I never have before. I very seriously considered giving birth to my daughter in Scotland, so she would have citizenship. Her middle name is Edin (pronounced Eden) because I love Edinburgh so much.


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