Tuesday 12 October 2021

TMST: It's been a while... tell us more about you! (Including, how do you read?)

So, I suck at blogging lately (and by lately I mean this entire year). 
I suck at reading... I suck at life.
Seriously this year has been tough and I have had little to no interest - at most sporadic bursts of interest - in my hobbies and various passions: especially reading and bookish pursuits.
This obviously makes book blogging rather difficult. 
I've thought a million times that I was ready to "come back" and get "back to normal" but nothing is normal for me at the moment and I doubt it will be for a long while to come so I've decided not to force it and rather than hide from my current reality I'm going to roll with a new normal.

I'd been avoiding my blog as something as simple as opening up the web browser and typing in the URL sent me into a negative spiral.
Seriously... it's not healthy. But why? 
Honestly, I'm not 100% sure I even know, but I think it's because I feel like I'm failing and letting people down... It's a bit ridiculous really. How can I fail at a hobby?! It's not a job. I don't get paid to post. I'm not forced to read other peoples blogs. I do it because I want to and if I don't want to, or can't, I don't. It should be that simple, right? Ha! Tell that to my stupid brain! 

Then there is the fact that I struggle to muster regular enthusiasm about books and reading even though I LOVE both books and reading because... that's how depression works. It robs you of your passions.
So, how can I have a book blog when I'm struggling with books? 
Weeeelllll, I've decided to post whatever I feel like and to heck with being a book blog for now!

To be clear, I'm still classing myself as a book blogger, I'll still have a lot of bookish posts, but right now I just need to get back to posting regularly and building a routine whilst I recover...

I guess you could call this a soft re-launch? A facelift without actually changing appearance? An experiment? I dunno... Maybe it'll just be another failed attempt at returning to blogging but it's worth a try!

Now onto Tell Me Something Tuesday...

It's been a while... tell us more about you! Was last week's Tell Me Something Tuesday question that I meant to answer but missed because of the whole "sucking at blogging" thing I've got going on.
Paper, electronic, audio... How do you read? is this week's question.

I figure that both of these questions would make a wonderful place to re-start blogging!
I'm drawing a line under all the comments I haven't answered and all the blogs I haven't read.
I'm attaching cement shoes to the guilt and tossing that bitch into the ocean.
It's the only way forward... Starting over without actually starting the blog over!

So... Hello all!
I'm Nicci, a "book" blogger in my mid-30's from the UK.

('Tis me! I don't think I've ever really shared pictures of myself on here before... Have I? I don't remember. 👀) 

I'm married, and I'm a mother (of one). 
I love animals, especially cats.
Tea is my favourite beverage.
Reading romance is my jam.
Rock music is my jam.
Farming sims... Bring me joy.
I'm a marvel fanatic. 
I love to bake.
I cross-stitch.

My educational background is Bio-Med but nowadays I work as a Project Manager for a STEM organisation which feeds my need to plan shit, organise people, and make lists.

I have a weird sense of humour, I'm sarcastic, prone to snark, and will metaphorically bite people if they bug me.

Oh! And I love Lilo and Stitch. It's the best Disney movie ever. Fight me. 
(And yes... I enjoy the sequels. And the tv show. And have merch. I'm not sorry.)
Erm... I don't know what else to add! I guess for those that have known me for a while very little of the above is news... I guess, ask a question in the comments if there's something you want to know and I'll answer... 


When it comes to reading... I read anywhere and I consume in all formats: paper, electronic, and audio. I have my ereader, my kindle reading app on the phone and audiobooks with me pretty much everywhere I go. Physical books, I read less often but when I do read one I prefer paperbacks as hardbacks are too awkward when reading in bed. 
I'm a non-monogamous reader (aka more than one book on the go at all times) as my audiobook and ebook are always different. Plus, I'm a mood reader so sometimes I have multiple ebooks on the go at once... But only ever one audiobook as I tend to only listen whilst cleaning, cooking or driving and if I had multiple audios on the go simultaneously I'd never manage to finish one! (Thanks to covid and more WFH I don't drive much anymore so it severely reduces the audio time.)

How do you prefer to read?


  1. It's nice to "meet" you! I prefer print books, but most of my reading this year has been audio because I need to multi-task. I wish I had more time to sit and read a book. I miss it.

  2. Yes! This is a hobby and it shouldn't make you feel guilty! Go as you like here, Nicci. I enjoy reading your posts whether they're travel updates or book reviews/whatnot. May blogging bring you joy in the future! :)

  3. After all this time, how nice to put a face to the blog! :) Lovely photos, Nicci. Like you, I'm an equal opportunity reader. I don't have only one format I prefer. I love ebooks and read on my iPad and/or my iPhone often. I love the feel of a physical book and enjoy reading books from my shelves. And I almost always have an audiobook in work, listening as I get ready in the morning and to and from the office. All formats have their time and place for me!

  4. Sending you big virtual elbow hugs!!! I've been in a similar place many times and I know several other bloggers that have as well - you are not alone. And yeah, it's crazy how this thing we love and do for a hobby can suddenly become a burden. That's when you draw a line and stop pressuring yourself. I did that and over the past couple years I've gone from not posting at all for weeks - maybe even months - at a time, to posting multiple times a week. I still don't do great at visiting. But the joy is back and that's the point.

    Also lovely to "meet" you and to see your gorgeous face :) Also, can I say I read BioMed and went "Wow! that shit hurts my brain." Like literally said exactly that. I bow down to your genius. Welcome back (or back-ish), no pressure!

  5. Nicci this is a fun post! I love the pictures of you. The one with the flower crown is my favorite. Something about that smile. We had dinner with a Disney animator on one of our trips, and she was shocked when we asked for a drawing of Scrump. Love Lilo

  6. We have some things in common. I think you came to a COYER book club so I knew the face. :) You do what works for you!

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  7. I definitely prefer ebooks! So much easier to read and transport around with me. And you don't suck at blogging, you just go at your own pace. Nothing wrong with that.

  8. I think it's great you're doing whatever works for you right now. I've been slumping with reading on and off all year, sometimes I just don't feel it at all, and that's okay. Same with blogging. You gotta do whatever works for you. :)

    I'm totally a mood reader as well. and yay Marvel! :):)

  9. I post about whatever I want too because that's what makes it fun for me. It's nice to see your pictures. I hope things get easier and you feel more like posting.
    I like to read print books but I read more ebooks these days because I don't have my mom to give the print books to and have no room for more books. I can't do audiobooks, I don't have the patience to sit there and listen.

  10. I have had the guilties all year involving the blog. Between life, work and the grandbabies my enthusiasm hasn't been great. I post when I can and comment back as often as I can.

  11. I started out the year well blogging and reading wise, but this second half the year I seem to have fallen off the wagon. I am sorry to hear you have been struggling and hope you are able to find a good balance. Do what you can and want to do--blogging isn't a job, as you said and it doesn't have to fit any particular mold.

    I read mostly e-books, although I do enjoy print books and still buy them. E-books are just more convenient a lot of the time.

    It's nice to "see" you and get to know you a little better!

    Take care of yourself, Nicci! Have a great week.

  12. Hey Nicci! I'm having trouble with my blogging lately too. I don't want it to stress me out, so I think I'm going to be doing a mini break in November (I might have a few scheduled posts, but that's about it). It's good to take breaks sometimes. I hope that you are feeling better soon though and your love for all things bookish will shine bright once again!!!

    I tend to read more than one book at a time, but I can't do audios. Just can't focus.

    Lauren @ www.shootingstarsmag.net

  13. Lilo and Stitch is easily one of my most faves - and Eleanor's too. We've watched all the movies tons of times. By age three she was walking around saying, "I'm sorry I bit you, and pulled your hair, and punched you in the face" because I would always say it along with Lilo in the movie and crack up every single time.

  14. "So, I suck at blogging lately (and by lately I mean this entire year).
    I suck at reading... I suck at life." <- is me right now lol

    I have seriously stopped worrying about the blogging thing. You get what you get when you visit lol I think my days as strictly a book blogger are long gone so I just roll with whatever interests me and (try to) remember it's a hobby.

    Karen @For What It's Worth


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