Sunday 21 August 2022

I have no idea where time goes... But I'm rolling with it.

 Wow... I suck at updates and blogging still... Life just has a way of getting in the way, y'know?
Anyway, what's been happening at mi casa since the last update? (Which was a month ago... fml)
Erm, well, we've survived two hideous heat waves! I am not a summer girl even when the temperatures are reasonable so I'm not kidding when I say the heatwaves made me unbearably miserable, grumpy and difficult to live with until they passed, lol. 

I mentioned last time that my husband had covid and I was symptomatic but testing negative... Yeah, that didn't last. I tested positive about 5 days after him. The little dude thankfully avoided the plague! He was negative all the way through and didn't have to miss his school leaver's services and party. 
It sucked we couldn't be there for him to mark the end of primary school, but my friends sent pictures and videos and dropped him home after the leaver's party, so I'm grateful he still got to experience it all and have a great time.  
Now we're full steam ahead towards secondary school! All we have left to sort out are the shoes and stationery! I must admit, I'm super excited to go shopping for books and stationery... Not so much the shoes. He needs 4 different kinds of footwear (indoor sports, outdoor sports, studded boots for rugby, and dress shoes for his day-to-day uniform) and every person in this house hates shoe shopping and likens it to a form of torture so... That will be fun. ðŸ˜‘

So, apart from covid and work the summer break has been incredibly tame! We don't have any plans to go away on holiday this year and since the little dude is firmly in tween territory and is happiest when playing Minecraft we haven't made lots of plans to fill the days... We're just rolling with it. We've had the occasional day trip - like we went to Alton Towers theme park this week - but we've mostly just had picnics at our favourite haunts and went walking in places like the new forest to keep our steps up as part of the Diabetes UK One Million Steps challenge that the little dude and I are doing.

I will say though that whilst out and about I noticed Christmas stuff creeping its way into stores already... It gave me the rage, lol. I mean, I love Christmas but we were in the middle of a ridiculous heatwave, it's still summer, I haven't seen any Fall/Halloween stuff around yet and they're gearing up for Christmas! 😱 No... just no.

Anyhoo... I'm on leave this coming week! No work = yay! No plans - beyond some reading - so I'll see where the week takes me and maybe even try and get some blog posts scheduled!

My reading is still super erratic... I read nothing for about 3 weeks and then over the past 8 days have read/listened to 4 books. 
I'm not complaining it's just... weird. I wish I understood my brain nowadays. *sigh*

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig (Audiobook)
Signal Moon by Kate Quinn (Audiobook)
Rejected by My Alpha Mate by  Jaymin Snow (ebook)
Blind Side by Kandi Steiner (ebook)

All of these books are super different... Different genres, different writing styles, and all (except Kate Quinn who I read years ago) are new authors for me... But I liked them. I liked all of them. 
Maybe this is what I need more of in my reading at the moment... Variety! 

We had a pizza and home movie night last week where we watched Jurassic Park: Dominion. Honestly, I can't say that I recommend it really even though I kinda enjoyed it... The Jurassic Park movies are a guilty pleasure of mine but the longer the franchise goes on the worse things seem to get. 

Aside from that, I don't think I've watched anything! 
The kid and the husband have had stuff on in the background but I haven't been in a TV/Movie mood... I've mostly been playing computer games.

Ilona Andrews' Ruby Fever and Ali Hazelwood's Love on The Brain come out this coming week!!!
I'm super crazy excited for both (and have them pre-ordered) so it's going to be a good reading week. 

Sorry, I don't have any posts to share! I've sucked at getting around blogs and visiting... I'll try to be better for next time! 😊


Tell me, how are things with you?



  1. We had the Christmas stuff coming out in July! Madness. Let's just get through one thing at a time please.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  2. Your new account just popped up on my Twitter suggestions. I thought your were gone!!! Yeah!

    1. Waves! Sorry... I wasn't gone so much as flailing around in a mess, lol. Hopefully things will be "normal" now. :)


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