Tuesday 25 July 2023

TMST: What is your favourite thing about summer?


What is your favourite thing about summer?

When it ends.
Seriously, I'm not joking. 
Summer brings me sadness.


It's hot.
(This should be self-explanatory.)

There are bugs. Flying bugs that just want to fly into orifices and lay eggs! 
(Okay, that might be an irrational fear of mine but the fear is REAL. I really hate bugs!) 

The clothes are not my preferred clothes.
(I'm a jeans, jumpers and boots gal. F-off with short shorts, dresses and flip-flops!)

I get sunburn. 
(Yes, I wear sunscreen. Yes,  I STILL burn. I'm pale, Scottish and pretty much a red-head...)

My migraine frequency increases by a factor of 10.
(I'm not joking.)

The food.
(Everybody is all, "ooh, it's hot let's have a bbq! Let's have a salad! Let's have ice-cream!" No! I want food that is cooked indoors. I only eat salads on the side of a proper meal. Ice-cream is great but is it sticky toffee pudding with custard? No. Stick your cold teas, cold coffees and lack of hot-chocolate somewhere uncomfortable!)

It doesn't get dark until really late.
(I like pulling the curtains closed, ignoring the world, cuddling under a blanket and reading with hot beverages. Can you do those things when it's never dark and always flipping sunny and warm?! No. 
Plus, everyone is all, "it's a lovely day! let's go outside!" Like, no! Leave me alone in my cave!! I don't like outside! There are people there!)

It doesn't rain enough.
(I like rain. Actually, I love rain. You don't get enough wet stuff when the hot thing is blazing.)

The colours.
(Blues, greens, yellows, pink... Bright, bold, and cheerful. Gag.)

The duration of school holidays.
(Look, I'm in the UK so I know I get insane amounts of leave compared to my counterparts across the pond but seriously?!! How is any parent supposed to cover all the school holidays whilst working FT and maybe, just maybe, having a day here or there for themselves? It's deranged! I love my kid and think he's hilarious but after 7.5 weeks of summer  - just summer! not even all the others - I'm re-considering all my fkn life choices!)

So... yeah. Anybody got some counter points? What do people actually like about summer? 



  1. YES! Summer is best when's it over. I agree with you about the clothing, heat, bugs, skin issues, etc. And if you have breathing issues, the humidity that rules summer makes it tough.

  2. I'm with you, Nicci! Summer is my least favorite season. The heat, the humidity... I'm in varying stages of discomfort for months. The clothes? Not for me. Give me comfy leggings and sweaters. Getting dark so late? Hate it. I want it to be getting dark as I'm driving home from work and when I pull onto my street I see the cozy lights of home. Basically I agree with every word you said. LOL

  3. OMG I was writing this long comment and it vanished! lol

    This post made me laugh.

    I love summer out here in the PNW. I hated it in FL. But here, the weather is mild ( I still wear sweaters, pants), there aren't any bugs and I love all the fresh summer produce and yes, eating outside lol I also love being able to walk the dogs later without it being pitch black.
    I do hate how late the sun goes down though, the occasional heatwaves and the lack of rain. And I do love all the cold weather, cozy foods.

    Karen @For What It's Worth


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