Tuesday 11 July 2017

What are some of your reading habits, good and bad?

Here is the hot topic of the week:
What are some of your reading habits, good and bad?

I struggled to write a response to this week's question because I started trying to think of good reading habits and came up blank. 

I was all "I don't think I have any 'good' reading habits. I mean, what is a good reading habit?" But of course, I do! I realised that all the little things I do - but don't think about - are good reading habits. The 'bad' things just spring to mind faster because I feel guilty about them so are easier to write!

So here are some of my reading quirks...

Good Reading Habits

I post reviews for the books I read on sites like amazon.
It helps boost a book/author's visibility and therefore book sales for the author.

If I like a book, I'll tell people about it.
Word of mouth is a powerful tool! Share the book love people!

I always have a book with me.
Whether it's a paperback, my kindle or the reading app on my phone, I always have the ability to read wherever I go. It's a very good reading habit because you never know when you might get stuck for hours with nothing to do but read. (Oh, the horror! 😉)

Bad Reading Habits

I fold corners of pages to hold my place in a book. 
It doesn't happen often nowadays but that's because 95% of my books are now on kindle and I don't need to brutalise any for lack of scrap paper or receipts to hold my place. 

I break / heavily crease the spines of books. 
I don't do it deliberately but I like to hold a book open, nice and wide when I'm reading and this inevitably leads to creasing on the spine. 

I have a happy 1-click finger.
I've spoken about this before on the blog but I have a very bad habit of hitting buy on anything that sounds interesting - even if I don't have a burning desire to read it - if the book is free or 99p. 
It's ridiculous and because of 1-click my TBR is ridiculous.

I read multiple books at once.
Ok, I'm not sure that this one is a bad reading habit but it's not for everyone. 

I often do it when I'm reading a book I know that I'd ordinarily enjoy but, for whatever reason, I'm not feeling at any given point. Or when I'm reading a long book - often a heavier book - and want something shorter, and lighter, that I can blitz through in a day or two. 


At the end of the day though, I don't think reading habits matter much as long as someone reads. 

I even have forgiveness for people who use a book as a coaster as long as they've read it and, you know, it's not MY book... Oh, wait! I've been known to do that too. 😜


  1. I have a very bad habit of skim reading passages when I get bored. Quite often its when an author is recapping something from a previous book or in the event of one too many (or too long) sex scenes... Or when I'm not that into the book and just want it finished! lol

    1. I totally understand the urge to skim passages. Some authors just use too many words to say something/anything! lol.

  2. I was the same! I was all I have no good habits! But you came up with good ones :D Posting reviews helps authors so yay good thing

    1. I think its normal for all the 'negative' stuff to spring to mind first. People don't tend to think much about the good. 🙂

  3. I try to always write and post reviews, but I don't cross post to Amazon much anymore. I know a lot of people shudder at turning corners or breaking spines. I don't break spines, but occasionally I do turn a corner, but not often anymore. Thanks for doing the TMST this week!

  4. Ugh, that 1-click button gets me every time.

  5. You dog ear? You crease the spine? You monster! ;)

    I have the bad habit of not creasing the spine, but once it has a crease in it I crease it worse. I don't know why I do that, but it is a habit. I'm strange. LOL


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