Thursday 2 November 2017

Review: Keeping Lily by Izzy Sweet and Sean Moriarty

*Some spoilers ahead*

My husband traded me away to save his own life… 
And now I belong to the devil. 
One night and everything in my life changed. Two words and my world turned dark. 
“Take her”.
Owing the most ruthless crime lord in Garden City five million dollars, my husband chose to trade me and my children away to save himself. 
I was on the cusp of freedom, so close to divorcing that scumbag I was married to. 
Now I’m enslaved to a man who is obsessed with me. A man so wicked and beautiful, they call him Lucifer. 
So alluring, he makes the angels weep with envy. He’s so powerful, I can’t stop myself from bending to his will. 
He’s determined to master me, and he won’t rest until I give him all. 
He wants my light, and he wants my dark. 
He wants my body, and he wants my heart. 
But most of all, he wants the one thing I can’t give him. The one thing I can’t bear to part with…

*Some spoilers ahead*


Shortish Novel.

Alternating dual POV.

Let me think... Torture. Murder. Forced seduction.



Not in the terms of the central couple. 
If you consider Lilith is still technically married for half the book (even if he's a shit-bag pig who'd trade his wife for money) then yes... 


What I Liked: 
I laughed a lot. That's not really a compliment as the book isn't supposed to be funny but it kept me amused - despite being hideously written - on a long-haul flight so kudos.

What I Didn't Like: 
Lucifer was a jackass with pretty much no redeeming qualities. 
He takes possession of Lily and her kids like they are things instead of people and thinks it's perfectly acceptable because her husband owes him money and he finds her attractive.
He kills without remorse. I'm not just talking about killing his enemies to protect his own or anything you could swing in a way that'd make him remotely sympathetic. Nope, he kills (or orders the death of) anyone for any reason he feels like and often not just the offender's death but the deaths of everyone in their family, including women and children!

Lily was pathetic and her actions were frustratingly contradictory. Weak resistance by day and slave to her quivering lions by night. 🙄 Honestly, I could dedicate a 500 word rant to the ridiculousness of the sex. Insta-multi-orgasms people! Lucifer obviously had a magical penis that sent pulses of undiluted pleasure direct to the sweet spot to pull some of those wondrous feats off.

Plus, how she could 'fall in love' with this man and trust him with herself is beyond me. How she could trust him with her KIDS is even further beyond the realms of my understanding.

Spelling mistakes and typos everywhere.

Other Thoughts:
I don't know why I read this. I really, REALLY, don't. Actually, that's not true, the concept was interesting and I was curious as to how it would play out but with hindsight I should have known better.

Can't say I like the cover much. I would have liked it if the chick didn't look lifeless but, alas... 


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