Saturday 24 February 2018

Review: The Four Horsemen - Chaos by LJ Swallow (Book Five)

Questions will be answered. Trust will be rebuilt. And the true threat to the world will be revealed.

The threat to the Four Horsemen and the world continues, but now they have solid leads and are closer to uncovering who is behind the attacks. Vee and the Four become closer as barriers fall and trust grows, yet one person remains worried about what will happen if Vee reaches full power.

An opportunity to regain Portia's trust, some help from a supernatural mercenary, and an investigation into the Myriad Foundation reveal more answers about the chaos surrounding them. 

Suddenly, everything slots into place but the big picture isn't what they expected. What will happen if the only way forward for the Horsemen is an alliance with their enemies?

*Kindle Unlimited*


Short novel.
(aka longer than a novella but not as long as a 'typical' novel)

First-person, alternating POV


The novels in this series build on each other, they don't stand alone in any way.

Yes. OMG yes.

Book five in an Urban Fantasy series.

No... But the series is reverse harem so the central relationship is polyamorous. 

No, but as I said, it's a multi-person relationship.
1 girl + 4 men = reverse harem!

Yes, a little.

Chaos picks up where book four, Guardians, ended, which follows the pattern of the series, and was awesome as I didn't like the cliffhanger we were left with.
Once again, the book was action packed and it's finally starting to make sense!!!! The threads are starting to come together! We have some answers! Huzzah!
But! The cliffhanger! 
Oh my GOD the cliffhanger... It was an actual cliffhanger. Not a 'I'm just going to leave this hanging, okay?' type cliffhanger like the other books but an absolute EVIL of a cliffhanger.
What in the actual hell?!
And now I'm all caught up and having to actually wait on the next book being released! 
It's not cool. Not cool, at all.

I really like the cover! It's eye-catching but simple.



  1. I quite like this series but for the central relationship(s) as opposed to the overarching plot.

    1. Agree. Vee's relationship with her men are what sells it. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The cliffhanger would have killed it for me.

    1. Yep. I am really not impressed. I think we're nearing the end of the series now, a couple more books to go it seems, so I think I'll wait until they're released before I pick it back up again.


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