Thursday 7 June 2018

Would You Rather For Book Nerds

Kristin over at Kristin Kraves Books had the most randomly fun post on her blog last week, a game of Would You Rather for nook nerds,  and as I read it, I was answering the questions in my head and loving it!

Therefore, it was only natural that I pinch the questions and actually answer them for myself!

So, here we go....

1. Would you rather have a friend who loses your books, or one who dog-ears them?

I'd lose my shizzle if my book was lost but I don't give a rats ass about dog-ears, creases etc. so I'd choose dog-ear!

2. Would you rather secretly love a book everyone else hates, or secretly hate a book everyone else loves?

I don't think I care enough about being the oddball who hates a book everyone loves or loves a book everyone hates! However, if I had to choose then I'd happily be the person who secretly loves a book everyone hates. 
(But I struggle with the secretly part... There's just no need for the secrecy!)

3. Would you rather be stuck on a very long plane or train ride without a book?

Plane ride. 100% plane ride. 
On long-haul flights, you have movies. On trains you have... Windows. 

4. Would you rather have dinner with your favourite author or your favourite character?

A favourite character. 
Authors are real people and people can be disappointing. 
I've stopped reading authors before because I found their online persona's so annoying or disagreeable... I'd HATE for that to be a favourite author.

5. Would you rather date a character you have a crush on or your crush from real life?

Erm... Would the character crush be a real person? Like, I'm not insane and dating the fictional character from the confines of a padded cell? He'd be fiction made real?
Then, I think I'd go for fictional character. 
This also assumes I'm single at the time of this magical event occurring...
Otherwise, I think I'd have to stick with the professor. I am quite fond of him.

6. Would you rather have your favourite book turned into a movie, or your favourite movie turned into a book?

Books turned into movies are often a disaster and are rarely done well. 
I'd go movie to book. 

7. Would you rather read a book with an annoying cliffhanger, or one where your favourite character is killed off?

That's a stupid question.
No matter how annoying a cliffhanger is the next book will eventually release and resolve it. 
If your fav character dies then it's eternal rage.
Of course, an author could die before writing the final book and you'd be stuck with that cliffhanger forever but I like to think the publishing house would at least ghostwrite it and that'd have to be good enough.

8. Would you rather lose the ability to read any new books, or the ability to reread books you’ve already read?

This almost caused my brain to short-circuit. 
I mean, I need a constant supply of fresh reading material so I'd say lose the ability to re-read books but I have so many books that I love to re-read and the thought of never getting to read them again makes me stabby then tearful. 

9. Would you rather live in a library or a bookstore?

Is it one of those bookstores with a coffee shop attached?
If so, bookstore. Books, food and drink. 

10. Would you rather lose your place or get a paper cut every time you read a book?

Lose my place. 
It's annoying for a moment but a paper cut is annoying for days.

11. Would you rather have to always read in the dark, or always read books with tiny text?

My kindle is back-lit so I'll read in the dark.
Tiny text is Satan's invention and seeing as I live with near constant eyestrain (thanks work) tiny text would not work for me.

12. Would you rather read by a fireplace, or on the beach?

I live in a house with a nice open fire and autumn through winter I practically hibernate curled up beside it reading... Throw in some rain battering against the window (and I'm in the UK so it's a regular occurrence!) and I'm in heaven!

Even if I didn't love fireplaces so much, I'd still choose them over the beach. 
I'm not a fan of the beach. 
Sand gets places sand doesn't need to be and that includes in my book. 
I can't even contemplate the horror of having to take my kindle to a beach...


  1. Yeah, I'm not a huge beach fan so I'd totally take reading by the fireplace. I also don't really care about dog-ears, so I'd take that over them losing my book any day. Though I've had friends take off with my books before...sigh. Probably never getting some of those back. I think I'd take new books over re-reads, but never being able to re-read some of my favorites would make me sad. But I tend to read more new books anyway, so I guesssss. haha

    This is fun!


    1. Ugh I hate it when people don't give the books back!

  2. This tag is so fun! I’m stealing it. I’m not a beach person, either. It’s usually hot and crowded. Reading in front of the fire is perfect.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Our beaches are always crowded. Even getting to the beach is stressful on hot days.

  3. What a fun post! So with you on the loving a book everyone else hates. I so do not care about being the lone wolf. (And I’d much rather love a book than hate it!) And a big yes to reading by the fireplace. I loathe the beach. Too hot (here in Florida, anyway), too sunny, too sandy (imagine that), no place to get out of the sun... the list goes on. And I’d totally want to meet a favorite character. Imagine the fun! :)
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    1. I've only been to Florida once in the summer and I almost died from the heat! lol.
      The others times I've been have been October and that was lovely (but still really hot compared to home!)

  4. I'd rather have dog-eared pages too because at least I'd still have my book. LoL
    While I love going to the beach, I am horrible about reading in public settings. I used to bring my book with me when I'd go to the beach and I would always end up zoning out and just staring at the waves instead of reading.

    1. I do that too! It's soothing watching the water.

  5. Oh this is fun!!!

    I have a lot of similar answers too but I might do this tag.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth


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