Friday 1 February 2019

Book Blogger Hop: Audiobooks vrs Ebooks

Audiobooks vs Ebook?
If the world stopped printing books which would you prefer between the two?

Simple: ebooks.
But, I'll explain why...

I know that people love audiobooks but it's no secret that I don't.
I guess you could say that I've just never mastered the art of listening to books.
Typically, in order for me to follow an audiobook, I need to be sitting still, in silence, doing something that requires little to no thought whatsoever or I fail to follow the story.
I also need my head to be pretty empty otherwise I get lost in my thoughts and miss whatever is going on.
This makes escaping into an audiobook pretty difficult!
When you combine it with how expensive they tend to be, how long they take to listen to and the fact that, I almost always hate the sound of the narrator's voice (to the point where I'd rather have a knitting needle jabbed through my ears rather than listen to them speak) it's safe to say I usually that I avoid them.

However! I want audiobooks to work for me. I really really do. They'd make my life so much easier. I'd get through so many more books! I'm desperate to get to a point where I can tune out the world and sink into a story while doing the mundane tasks of life like ironing but, alas, I can't even manage that at this point.

The only success I've had with audiobooks was recently when I discovered that I can listen to them on my drive to and from work - as long as I manage to empty my brain of all the buzzy thoughts before I drive!
I think this is because the commute is so ingrained in me that I don't have to think about the journey, I just need to watch the road, and having someone chatting away in my ear is so commonplace in the car that it's almost irrelevant that it's a book and not a person speaking to me.

I also discovered - thanks to my kid's love of audiobooks - that by signing up for an audible subscription, I can get one 'free' a month, I can access discount bundles, and if I buy a kindle version, I can get the audiobook for a few pounds extra.
Shame that my audible account is basically my kid's audible account... He'd legit kill me if I used his credits. He has his reading agenda for the year all planned out! But I digress...

In a bid to try and convert myself to an audio lover, I've signed up to an audiobook challenge this year. My goal is to listen to 5 and I'm targeting the kiddo's Heroes of Olympus (by Rick Riordan) series. This is because we own the audios already so I'm not wasting money if I give up and because we also own them in print, I can finish the stories if I lose the will to live listening to the audiobooks.
It's a win win!
And the good news is that I've already finished one! I listened to The Lost Hero (book one in the series) on my commute over the past few weeks and I must admit I really enjoyed it! The narrator was good, the story completely engaging and addictive and I'm - gasp! - actually looking forward to listening to the next book in the series!

However, even if I manage to train myself into becoming an audiobook lover - and my minor success so far this year leaves a lot to be determined - the ebook will always be my favourite.
I love my ereader.
I can read an ebook faster than I can listen to one. They're less expensive. There is more choice in material. Annoying pronunciations and accents don't interrupt the reading experience. If you get distracted or fall asleep, it's easy to pick your place back up.

Ultimately though, I think there's a place for both in the world.

What you think? Audio or ebook?


  1. Ebooks for me too-I can't sit still and just listen, they are very expensive in audio cd version and I'm always worried that the narrator will be crap!

    1. Narrators are a huge problem, I think. They make or break the book.

  2. I really want to make audiobooks work for me as well and have made an effort to make that possible. It hasn't exactly panned out, but I do know which types of books work better for me and which don't. And I've enjoyed some really good audiobooks over the years. I have only been able to manage a handful or so a year, and would like to increase that. I just need the motivation, I guess.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Nicci!

    1. I'll settle for a handful a year if they're commute times more enjoyable. :)

      Hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. Audiobooks! I actually read very few ebooks, even though I've bought a ton for the iPad, haha. I have to be in the mood to hold it for at least an hour, and those things can be heavy (especially with heavy duty protective casing). I've been reading in bed and dropped the iPad on my face, which HURTS. It's safe to say I would choose audiobooks, because they're weightless and less inclined to hurt me. ;)

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

    1. Lol, I've had the pain of my kindle in the face one too many times. I imagine it's so much worse with an ipad. :)

  4. I would chose an ebook over an audiobook, but I do like listening to romances to pass the time. However, I don't usually do very in depth reviews for audiobooks, because it's harder for me to take notes than on an ebook.

  5. I have so much trouble with audio. I get distracted easily and they take soooooooo long to finish. I can read a book in a day so to drag it out for weeks is ridiculous to me lol

    But! I have found that audiobooks in genres or for books I'm not usually interested in have been working somewhat. So I don't think it will ever be my primary way of reading but maybe take up a bigger slice.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  6. I enjoy both but pick ebooks, too. More relaxing for me. For audiobooks some narrators are just trash. And others if you change the speed of the audiobook they really really work. If one's just not quite working I try a bit faster. Almost always does the trick and I really enjoy them. Lorelei King is great on the Patricia Briggs series. I really like Scott Brick, too. Reminds me of the sad cat dairies guy.


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