Saturday 13 April 2019

Review: The King of Her Heart by Emma Kingsley

After watching her two best friends first date then marry celebrities, Paisley Goldberg is sure a life in the spotlight isn’t for her. She could never fall in love with a famous man... But then she meets Alex and suddenly she’s left questioning her biggest boyfriend rule.

Alex is smart, fun, and, like Paisley, spends his free time reviewing films online. They would be a match made in Heaven. Except he’s royalty, and there’s no stepping away from that level of fame.

Prince Alessandro has spent years in New York running away from his royal duties in Belmonte. With a flourishing software business and philanthropic pursuits to fill his days, he finds himself happy. But then Paisley arrives, and he sees what he’s been missing all along.

As the two of them fall into a deep, intimate friendship, they struggle with their secret desires for more. Alex never wanted fame, but it’s in his name, in his blood. He can’t just throw it away.

Most girls want to be princesses when they grow up, but Paisley wants to keep on being a waitress. She doesn’t belong in Alex’s world, and as time goes on, that becomes more and more apparent.

Can a waitress and a future king be meant to be together forever?

*Read via Kindle Unlimited*


Short novel.

Alternating, first person.


No, part of a series of interconnected standalones.






This was one of those books that were just ok.
The writing was ok, the story was ok, there's nothing much more to say beyond that it was enjoyable while reading but it's completely forgettable.

The story reads like a Christmas Hallmark movie about a waitress who has been chatting to a guy online over their love of movies with no clue he is a prince until they take the plunge and meet and the building attraction established via their online chats explodes into love.
But I use the term explodes very loosely because nothing explodes in this book. It's so squeaky clean that I almost lost my freaking mind. The heat level is very much hand-holding and a kiss on the lips but it's a sweet story and it kept me amused for a few hours so I can't really complain.

Oh! And I should say that even though I compared it to a Christmas Hallmark movie, the book isn't actually set at Christmas. It just has those magical cheesy vibes to it.

Nope, hate the cover. She looks like she's gearing up to take a bite out of his face.



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