Thursday 13 June 2019

Mini Reviews! King Sized, Baby Mistake & Gavriil (Madison Faye, Alexis Winter, Zoey Parker)

Sometimes you read a book and dont really have a lot to say when finished.. That's where a mini review comes in handy!

Below are my thoughts on King Sized by Madison Faye, Baby Mistake by Alexis Winters and Gavriil by Zoey Parker.


You might say it’s poor form to throw the bride over your shoulder caveman-style and run off with her, especially if it’s not your wedding.
It’s her wedding day. I’m not the groom. Oh, but I’m going to be…

The world may call me a King and a gentleman, but there’s nothing gentle about me. I’ve fought like hell to get to where I am, and these rough hands want one thing and one thing only – to hold her and never let her go.

She’s my obsession – my addiction. Blonde, blue-eyed, innocent and tempting, with lips that beg to be tasted and curves that were made to press against me.

But a rival king – a cruel, evil piece of garbage – has stepped in to buy her hand and her innocence with the promise of paying off her parents’ debts. He thinks that makes her his, but he’s about to learn how wrong he is.

You see, the rumors about my royal staff and crown jewels aren’t tall tales. She deserves a real man. A better man. King Milton just isn’t the right fit for her.
…Oh, but I am. And I’m going to “fit” with her so well that she’ll be moaning for more. I’m a king, after all. And kings take what they want.
And tonight? I’m taking her.
I’ll do anything to make her my queen.
…Even if I have to steal her

Well... This was quite possibly the biggest pile of bollocks I've read in a while. The characters had the depth of a cardboard cut out, 75% of the book was sex with no substance, (I'd call it erotica but it wasn't all that erotic) and there was the thinnest scraping of a plot to tie everything together... I was tempted to DNF at 10% but the book was only 100 pages so I persevered for a little bit longer convinced it would get better annnnnd... It didn't get better. It got steadily more ridiculous and over the top but I found myself laughing at how utterly ridiculous the entire thing was and finishing it (skim reading a lot of the sex because it was a bit much).

Oddly, once finished, I found myself in the situation of contemplating whether I want to skim read the others in the series because the parts of the book with King Hayden and his motley crew of miscreant Royal friends made me laugh the most and I find myself morbidly curious... But I'll refrain. 

If you're up for a quick read featuring fictitious royals, more sex than a virgin should contemplate in a single day, OTT alphas and airheaded young women then enjoy! 


How to destroy your career in three easy steps...

Step #1: Sleep with your boss.
Step #2: Get pregnant by your boss.
Step #3: Quit your job and run away from your problems.

It wasn’t love at first sight with Griffin Karlsson…but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d had several scorching hot fantasies about the man.
Who doesn’t want a Thor looking god of a man to drool over? 
Every woman alive found him attractive…that wasn’t the issue. It was the serious, stick up his ass attitude that made me question his interest in someone like me.
What started as a secret between the two of us turns into so much more than we could have ever prepared for or imagined.
I thought I knew what I wanted…I thought I was safe with him.
I’m in too deep. 
I can’t help but wonder if taking this chance could be the start of something more—something neither of us knew we wanted?

This was so frustrating! It could have been soo much fun! 
The bones were in place, they just needed some rearranging and then fleshing out but they weren't!
Potential... So much potential just pissed up against a wall.

Too much time was invested in a relationship that wasn't the main relationship of the book and it made the main relationship feel like a rebound that went from fun and flirty to serious and knocked up in 2.5 seconds.
Add to this the misleading blurb (she doesn't get knocked up until near the end!) and it was all horribly unsatisfying.


I’ve been sold to a mobster, and he wants me to carry his baby. 
My brother owed too much to the wrong kind of people. 
They beat him senseless and took me to satisfy his debt. 

Now, my body belongs to the most feared man in the entire city. 
Gavriil Stepanov. 

His name alone sends fear coursing through my veins. 
Gavriil’s cruelty is legendary, as is his insatiable sexual appetite. 

Obeying him is torture. 
But one wrong move and he’ll gut me like a fish. 

I’m forced to let him take me how he wants: raw and endless. 
At first, he is as savage and icy as his reputation suggests. 
But when I discover he’s left a baby in my belly, everything changes. 

I’m no longer just a mobster’s toy. 
Now, I’m about to be his WIFE. 

The idea that Samantha would trade herself to a bad guy mobster to save her rat-fink brother's life was what made me read this book despite the cringy blurb. I was thinking a beauty and the beast style romance but with, you know, mobsters. 
I guess at a push you could call it a beauty and the beast style romance, only, the romance is blah. Samantha becomes a sex toy Gavriil uses to amuse himself and then he accidentally knocks her up and goes all alpha and before you know ii they're in love! I was like, huh? Did I miss something? Because there was very little action to warrant the falling in love...

The plot was predictable which isn't a problem in itself but the execution was poor and the characters completely failed to connect with me, the reader. 
It could have been a good story if it was less rushed and had more character development but, oh well.

Oh! It could have done with a bloody good editing too. 



  1. Well dang, King sized was the only one that sounded good to me from the description. Too bad it wasn't all that great.

    1. I think Kind Sized is a love it or hate it Mary. I've seen other bloggers really like it. I think it depends at lot on what you want out of it. *shrugs*

  2. Still laughing at your review of King Sized. I’ve read a few similar (like by Alexa Riley) and go in expecting nothing. LOL They are so ridiculous and so over the top that I spend more time eye rolling than reading. :) Gavriil actually sounds like it could have been good but the leap from amusing sex plaything to we’re in love and having a baby sounds like it happened in a blink of an eye. Blah.

    1. I've read one by Alexa Riley! It was creepy af... Older guy and a girl just finishing up high school (but 18 so at least legal). I've hard passed on anything else by her since, lol.

  3. The blurb from King Sized turned me off That last one too - sounds rapey.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Gavriil's blurb does sound a bit rapey now you mention it... Surprisingly, it's not. She's the one that takes it there and consents every step of the way. Still a horribly written book though.

  4. Too bad these books disappointed! I can see why you picked them up. A lot of them sound like they could have been so good, and I like the book covers too!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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