Monday 19 August 2019

Review: The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Nico had warned them. Going through the House of Hades would stir the demigods' worst memories. Their ghosts would become restless. Nico may actually become a ghost if he has to shadow-travel with Reyna and Coach Hedge one more time. But that might be better than the alternative: allowing someone else to die, as Hades foretold.

Jason's ghost is his mother, who abandoned him when he was little. He may not know how he is going to prove himself as a leader, but he does know that he will not break promises like she did. He will complete his line of the prophecy: To storm or fire the world must fall.

Reyna fears the ghosts of her ancestors, who radiate anger. But she can't allow them to distract her from getting the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood before war breaks out between the Romans and Greeks. Will she have enough strength to succeed, especially with a deadly hunter on her trail?

Leo fears that his plan won't work, that his friends might interfere. But there is no other way. All of them know that one of the Seven has to die in order to defeat Gaea, the Earth Mother.

Piper must learn to give herself over to fear. Only then will she be able to do her part at the end: utter a single word.

Heroes, gods, and monsters all have a role to play in the climactic fulfilment of the prophecy in The Blood of Olympus, the electrifying finale of the best-selling Heroes of Olympus series.


(516 pages)

Third Person, alternating pov.

Yes, definitely.
You need to have read the other books in the series.

No, it's the last book in the series.

They save the world. So, yeah.

Magic powers, swords and all the fun fantastical good stuff!

OMG! OMG! What an ending to the series!
I swear, my poor heart could barely take it! There was so much going on! So much action, danger and suspense! I was a wreck!

Like the previous book, the story is split between two separate story arcs but this time it's split between the seven heroes and their quest to stop Gaia rising and Nico, Reyna and Hedge's quest to return the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood before the Roman's can attack.

I complained when reviewing The House of Hades that the split story arcs threw the pace of the story out as you'd be invested in what was going on with one arc then get halted with a chapter/pov change and have to readjust your perspective but in The Blood of Olympus, that wasn't an issue for me. I don't know if it was because I was prepared for it or because it was smoother but it just worked this time.

I honestly cannot say what side of the narrative I loved more!
Both were action-packed, both had lessons to teach and myths to explore, and both were emotional and contained characters I love beyond anything that is sensible for fictional beings.
When the two strands merged?
Boom! I was in happy evil god battling nirvana!
And with that ending?! I may have shed a tear.
I should note, that the ending wasn't a surprise but it still packed a surprising punch.
(I won't elaborate though because that'd be a huge spoiler.)

You know what was a surprise?
I mentioned that my affection for the son of Hades had grown throughout book four but in this fifth and final Heroes book, he becomes one hell of a character and I can't quite believe that I came to love him as much but I did!
He has become one of my absolute favourites.
He broke my heart, made me laugh and grew so much over the course of this series and I just want to give him a big hug and shout at anyone who makes him feel like he doesn't belong.
Thankfully, I think Reyna may want that role.
Their relationship grew into something so beautiful!
Reyna is a wounded but strong, protective and compassionate woman who sees everything the young demigod has to offer and isn't afraid of his shadows. She was a wonderful friend, protector and sister-figure for Nico and I really hope that in The Trials of Apollo series we get to see more of their relationship! Not to mention, I hope that Nico and Will Solace head in the direction I think they're heading because Nico deserves more love.

In fact, I hope that in the Trials of Apollo series we get to see so much more of all of these characters for I'm just not ready to say goodbye. I'll never be ready to say goodbye.
Rick Riordan doesn't just write amusing fiction, he transports you, body and soul, into another world and when you turn the final page and have to say goodbye, a little piece of you is left behind.

Needless to say, I cannot recommend the Heroes of Olympus highly enough for both adults and kids alike.

Absolutely, 100%, my favourite cover of the series!
I adore how each of the seven heroes is depicted, standing there brave and strong and ready to take on anything. It's fierce and I love it!

“No one can hate you with more intensity than someone who used to love you.”


“You can't choose your parentage. But you can choose your legacy.”




  1. I really need to catch up with these books. I read the original series and then one or two of the other books, but then stopped for some reason. I obviously need to fix that because it sounds like the series ends spectacularly!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. The characters in this series sound amazing, and the plot lines sound addictive! I can see why you love these books so much Nicci. I love when an author can take you to another place I'm glad that you got such a great ending to the series! Wonderful Review :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    1. They're so much fun! I'm so sad that the series is over.


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