Tuesday 20 August 2019

TTT: Favourite Tropes!

Favourite tropes!!
Yes!!! I love me a good trope! And since I'm predominantly a romance reader I have lots and lots of them I adore with every fibre of my romance reading soul... But I also read fantasy/urban fantasy so I've some non-romance related ones too.

I can't put them in any particular order for it'd change depending on my mood but here they are!
My favourite tropes!

Second Chance Romance

The one that got away!!!

I just love finding out what happened in the past and watching them overcome the hurt, the fear, the disappointment to find each other again.

Friends to Lovers

They've known each other for ages! Since they were kids! Since university! They've had each other's backs through thick and thin, good relationships and bad. They'd do anything for each other but it's not like that... Until it's like that!

Or maybe for one of them, it's always been like that and their love has been unrequited? Until it's not!

But then they're so scared of losing each other! Of losing everything! Too scared to accept that the other person actually feels the same way! But then they take the plunge and get everything they ever wanted!

Enemies to Lovers

Repeat after me... Someone being mean to you is not a sign of affection!
But... But, look!
They disliked/hated each other and were so rude/mean but then nice things! And they fell in love!!!

It's the mean boy who secretly loves you!

I know this trope can be problematic but when executed just right?

Fake Relationship

Just two people, for whatever reason, pretending to be a couple and then actually becoming one.
It can be dressed up so many ways!
To make someone jealous, to avoid going to a wedding solo, to receive an inheritance, to make a promiscuity king/queen seem respectable so you they don't get dropped by their label/sports team/investors...

Forced Proximity

Snowed in? Trapped in a cave? Car broken down and only one room at the motel? Marooned on an island? In a jungle? On Mars? And forced to rely on an enemy or a stranger for survival or comfort?!

Forbidden Romance

Two people, who are perfect for each other in every way but are forbidden from being together?
Family feud? Rivals? A supernatural and a human? A curse? Conflicting cultures? The boy from the wrong side of the tracks? The professor and the student?

The Special Snowflake

I love it! I love it when someone has some special destiny they're running from or fighting for... Or are running from and then something happens that makes them stop and step up!

The reluctant hero, the magically gifted, the predestined... Happy sigh.

The Beautiful Beasts

I'm talking about the moody broody guy with a heart of gold.
The bad guy with the squishy centre when it comes to the right person.
The criminals, the bikers, the mafia bosses, the wicked vampires and the pack leaders.
 The monsters who are more than what they seem...
The beastly, wicked, despicable, the morally ambiguous.

Okay... I think these - or some random combination of these - have my reading loves covered, lol.
What are your favourites?


  1. I would agree with enemies to lovers or beautiful beasts - perhaps that's why Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy tales. Special snowflakes do annoy me but that's what's great about reading - you can love them and I can dislike them and we BOTH still have plenty to read :)

    1. We're never reading out of books, for sure!

  2. I love the gifs you picked for this post. Great job on them.

    My TTT

  3. I really like friends to lovers and enemies to lovers; just so much passion there! But yes, it can be hard to do enemies to lovers without it seeming abusive - and that's not cool! I think some forbidden romances are pretty great too.


    1. There's a fine line with enemies to lovers.

  4. I'm just going to say a big YES to all of these!

  5. Enemies to Lovers is my favorite. I mostly read romance too and having that trope in almost any genre is great.

  6. I like a good enemies to lovers story but REAL enemies. Not the - we don't get along but boink whenever they are alone lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  7. I love hate-to-love when it's done right, but I'm very picky about it. No insta-love for me, please. xD Forbidden romance is really fun, too.

    Here's my TTT post.

  8. Second chance romance made it onto my list as well - I dislike angst a lot, so I like the softer ones where they deal with their issues without much drama, though. Enemies to lovers, fake relationship and forced proximity are amazing as well. Great list! :)

    My TTT

    1. Angsty reads aren't popular with me either.

  9. Forced proximity is always good. I love pushing the pair together and watching the sparks fly

  10. I need to read more books with the forced proximity trope. I'm trying hard to recall the ones I remember and I only have four titles in mind. Nothing also screams tension when exes who clearly aren't over each other yet are in this type of situation.

    1. Oooh, I like that! There's one I have on my TBR about exes stuck in an elevator... I'm betting that'll be fun!

  11. All such great choices! Some of them made my list too!

  12. YES TO ALL OF THESE. As usual, great picks. And the gif selection? Yes, yes, yes.

    I feel like I've not read nearly enough of some of these tropes, even though I enjoy them (forced proximity, second chance) BUT I still thoroughly am trash for them if you know what I mean??

  13. I never really enjoyed second chance romance except for a small period when I was a youth. ahaha But I ADORE all of these other romance tropes!! This could totally be my list too. ❤️

  14. Love them all.


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