Saturday 28 September 2019

Mini Reviews: Bad Fae Rising & One Fae in The Grave by Jenna Wolfhart (Paranormal PI Files 3 & 4)

Both books read via Kindle Unlimited

My thoughts on book one and book two in the series.


I'm Clark Cavanaugh: mind reader, bad-ass investigator, and half-fae with questionable taste in guys.

Just when I think life at the Crimson Court is finally calming down, a cunning stranger gives me an ultimatum. If I don't find and kill a rogue vampire within three days' time, my secret will be revealed to the world. Balor, my alluring fae prince, will finally learn the dark truth about my past.

Basically, I'm being blackmailed.

As if that weren't bad enough, the fight for Balor's throne is on. He needs my help, or he could lose his Court forever. But helping him means risking everything...

Now, I face an impossible choice. Do I stand by his side? Or do I run? 

I like this book much better than the first two in the series.
The storytelling was tighter, the pacing just right, and Clarke has finally got a clue - which was nice!
Despite being blackmailed, Clarke proves herself to be a decent and moral person.
Her powers are increasing, and not just those of her fae side. Instead of being stupid Clarke, she reacts proactively in seeking out a lone-wolf shifter to help her learn to shift.
Her animal combined with past events and fae lore makes things very interesting... I think there is more to little clueless Clarke than meets the eye! More than even she knows, but I guess we'll see!

The alliance between the Fae, Vampire and Shifters was tested throughout the first two books but I feel events in this one may have stretched them just a bit too far which will be interesting considering we're only halfway through the series!

And I was super relieved that the deep dark secret hinted at throughout the first two books was finally revealed but it was predictably devastating to her relationship (non-relationship, whatever) with Balor and to her place in the Crimson Court which was disappointing.

All in all, I was left happy with this one and excited about what's to come! 


Life isn’t going exactly as planned. I’ve been kicked out of the Crimson Court and forced to move in with a grumpy and irritating (and gorgeous) shifter until I can prove to Balor that I belong with the fae.

Luckily, I have a plan. I’m going to take on Nemain, the dangerous fae who wants to steal Balor’s Court away from him. If I can stop her, maybe Balor will forgive the terrible things from my past.

But things take a turn for the worse when Nemain wields an ancient cursing stone against the entire Crimson Court. She’s cursed every fae in London to die, including Balor. If we don’t find a way to reverse it—and fast—everyone I know and love will end up in the grave

In the last instalment, Clarke's deep dark secret was revealed and resulted in her being kicked out of the Crimson Court. Tensions between the Fae, Vamps and Shifters hit record highs.
The scene was set for an epic explosion and in this instalment, we get one. Sort of. I mean, shit hits the fan but it was all a bit all over the place again.

Yes, Clarke has been kicked out of the court and she's living with the shifter who'd been helping her in the last book but she's still acting like she's a member of the Court!
I can kind of understand why as she found her home in the halls of the Crimson Court. Her friends are in the Court. Despite some distinctly non-friend behaviour with the shifter (that was obviously never going to go anywhere), she's still in love with Balor (despite them being dooooommmmed) but she just refuses to let it go!
It was infuriating and admirable in equal measure.

Anyway, lots of bad stuff happens... The Silver Princess is making her move for Balor's Court and has stopped any pretence of being sneaky. This would be okay except for the fact that the Silver Princess - Maeve - feels like an evil caricature and I just can't take her seriously and the more I'm expected to the more ridiculous I find her!
Humans are dying, shifters are dying. Members of the Crimson Court are dying... Balor loses something utterly irreplaceable (two things actually) and all seems 100% grim.
The crazy, evil, Princess is winning!
Whatever will happen next? 🤔
Considering the assumptions/revelations of Clarke's heritage, it's fairly obvious but I could be surprised!

I'm two-thirds through the series so I'm obviously going to finish it but I do wonder what over dramatised shenanigans the series has in store for us next.



  1. I haven't read this series but it sure sounds like it has a lot of the elements that I like.

  2. Sounds like for the most part it is continuing to deliver for you, which is always good.

  3. This sounds like an interesting series to get into, glad you are enjoying it. I like the cover.

  4. Sounds like an interesting read with lots of drama!!!

  5. It's the first I hear of this series and author but I like the sound of it, even if it does get a bit stretched. I love it when characters literally get a reader completely caught up and the reader ends up wonder how on earth will they get themselves out of this!
    Great reviews :)

    Chanzie @ Free To Be Me


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