Monday 6 April 2020

You Deserve Each Other & Rhythm, Chord and Malykin

Two different but awesome contemporary romances coming right up!


*eARC granted via Edelweiss*

When your nemesis also happens to be your fiancé, happily ever after becomes a lot more complicated in this wickedly funny, lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy debut.

Naomi Westfield has the perfect fiancé: Nicholas Rose holds doors open for her, remembers her restaurant orders, and comes from the kind of upstanding society family any bride would love to be a part of. They never fight. They're preparing for their lavish wedding that's three months away. And she is miserably and utterly sick of him.

Naomi wants out, but there's a catch: whoever ends the engagement will have to foot the nonrefundable wedding bill. When Naomi discovers that Nicholas, too, has been feigning contentment, the two of them go head-to-head in a battle of pranks, sabotage, and all-out emotional warfare.

But with the countdown looming to the wedding that may or may not come to pass, Naomi finds her resolve slipping. Because now that they have nothing to lose, they're finally being themselves--and having fun with the last person they expect: each other.

OMG, I don't think I have laughed out loud so much to any book before ever!
This book was a riot and not because it was trying to be laugh out loud funny but because it was so snarky and bitchy and mean at times. I don't know what it says about my personality that I enjoyed the conflict and the way it was articulated so much but I really did. It ticked my boxes. However, it did get a bit draining and I did question the mental faculties of people who were at such inner odds with each other willingly staying in that environment... But then you'd get a little peek behind the curtain, a little sneaky peek of what this couple could become, and it kept me going until they finally started to thaw and fight for each other.

The book was a perfect example of what happens to two people when they fail to unite against all the external forces determined to drive them apart, not to mention what happens when you stop being yourself in your relationship and instead become what you think the other person wants you to be.

I can't say I particularly liked Naomi and I didn't particularly like Nicholas either - they were both assholes - but I kinda liked them being assholes together... They worked. A perfect, shining, example of there being someone for everyone.
I liked that they found their way back to each other, I liked how they finally stood up to Nicholas's psycho mother and I love the idea of them living happily ever after in their rustic house in the woods.

You Deserve Each Other is not a conventional contemporary romance but it is definitely a fun one so if you're looking for something a little bit different, I highly recommend!


Twenty-six-year-old Gaby Barreto might be a lot of things (loyal, sarcastic, one of the guys and a pain in the butt depending on which family member you ask), but dumb isn’t one of them. When her twin brother invites her to go on tour as his band’s merch girl, she isn’t exactly screaming at the top of her lungs with joy.

With no job opportunities pounding on her door, an ex-boyfriend she would still like to castrate, and no end in sight to moving out of her parents’ house in Dallas… it would be dumb to say no to the chance of a lifetime. Two bands, three continents, one tour. Spending the next ninety-plus days with three beloved idiots and eight complete strangers shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

If only the singer of the headlining band didn’t have tattoos... a great personality… a fantastic body… and if he wasn’t so funny….

Let’s be real: Gaby never had a chance against Sacha Malykhin.

I cannot believe I have waited so freaking long to read this book!
Seriously, it has sat on my kindle forever but I've put off reading it a million times paranoid that it wouldn't live up to my expectations... And what a muppet I was for it surpassed my expectations!
Sasha Malykin is officially one of my favourite Zapata book boyfriends (second only to Ivan Lukov) and Gabby was also awesome.
Watching them fall in love - watching Gabby be oblivious to it - was just excellent.
It ticked all my happy romance loving boxes and had a supporting cast of weird and whacky characters that absolutely delighted me.
It was a delicious slow burn romance against a backdrop of a rock tour... How could I fail to be anything but enthralled?
Oh okay, the potty humour evident in Zapata's earlier books is a bit annoying (thank god she works that out of her system in later books!) but it wasn't enough to overshadow the joy I found within the pages of this story.

If you like slow burn, friends to lovers, and rockstar romances then give this a read!
Zapata's style isn't for everyone but if it works for you then her books really are golden.


  1. I found I like Nicholas more than Naomi, though, by the end, I liked them both. For me, it was all fun and games, but when the pranks became cruel, I was ready to bail. I am glad I didn't. Once they started communicating and things got gooey, I was all in .

  2. I like the sounds of both of these!

  3. "I kinda liked them being assholes together" - this line just stood out to me lol I have yet to read this and I'm seeing so much positive feedback.

  4. Woo hoo for both of these being good reads, gotta love that! I've definitely been trying to read more these past few weeks and I've been doing okay but not great. Maybe I will check these two out. ;)

  5. Mariana Zapata is an author I've been meaning to read for well over a year now. I even own a physical copy of Rhythm since it came in a book subscription box a couple years ago. Plus I have several by her on my Kindle. Slow burn, friends to lovers and rock star romance ticks all my boxes!

  6. I have an ARC of You Deserve Each Other, which I hope to read soon. It sounds all sorts of fabulous. Glad you loved it!


  7. I was offered a review copy of the first one but I've been burned so much by these illustrate rom com covers that I passed. But now I have regrets lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth


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