Friday 10 April 2020

Why I'm Weird Tag

I was tagged by Tanya @ Girl Plus Books months and months (and months) ago with this but I'm terrible at remembering things and honestly? Listing my quirks is kinda difficult because they all make perfect sense to me! lol.

It's taken me a while to collate people's offhand comments about me (and remembering to write them down) to pull together a blog post but I finally did it!

Behold! The "weird" that is me!

I love making lists but am terrible about sticking to them.
This mostly applies to watch lists and reading schedules. I actually follow my task and shopping lists.

I hate having certain foods touching other foods. 
Nope, I can't really elaborate with examples because there are no hard and fast "rules" that cover my quirk. It shifts and I'm perfectly fine with certain food combos being up in each other's business but really not ok with others.
It's about flavours mixing I think...

I don't like people touching me unless you're someone I find acceptable to touch me.
Yep. That makes perfect sense, right? But it's true.
My family (aka husband, son, mum etc) I'm perfectly normal with when it comes to casual touches and affection like hugs. A select group of friends are the same. But, for the most part, I cannot stand people touching me. I hate getting my hair cut. I refuse to get my nails done, or go to a spa. I am not the person who'll give someone a consoling hug or hand squeeze. I cannot stand people accidentally touching me in a queue or brushing against me in a crowd. It's a nightmare and it drains me faster than a battery in sub-zero temperatures.

I have an irrational fear of lots of holes close together. 
They actually make me feel sick.
You have no idea what finding this giph cost me... *shivers*

I love romance in books but I'm allergic to sappy romantic stuff in real life.
Seriously, I can't handle it.


If you want to share why you're 'weird' consider yourself tagged!

(This tag was originally created by Dellybird.)


  1. I would be your nightmare! I am a food mixer. Example, I will cut up the pancakes mix it with the eggs, meat, and potatoes and pour syrup all over it. Yum!

  2. Oh I'm the same kind of weird about touching. I cut my own hair, I do my own nails and if I go to a doctor she knows to let me know before she touches me. I totally understand.

  3. Yup. Nope. Nuhuh. That weird ass hole thing you showed. :shudders: GAH! That will give me nightmares for a week straight. I have trypophobia, too and it's awful.

  4. Lists can be a tricky thing-I love making them and doing all the planning but I don't always follow them through! I'm not greatly happy on the physical contact thing either. Strangers need to keep their hands to themselves other than maybe shaking hands at a job interview!

  5. Haha! I not only love making lists (well, more like schedules), but I actually follow them! I found out a while ago that having no schedule = getting nothing accomplished (especially when it comes to blogging).

    I understand that people touching you without consent can be a real trigger. Personally, I have no problems with hugs and stuff, but I'm not a hugger myself. And please keep my hair and my (made-up) face alone!

    I don't mind holes (that gif is a bit sickening tough, I agree), but I hate seeds...they repel me, so I quickly get rid of them, or at least hide them under the fruit's peel. And I can't stand bugs - mainly cockroaches and maggots - even if it's just a scene on TV. I can stomach lots of gore, but if there are bugs I'm out!

  6. Ha! Better late than never, right? :) Oddly enough, I just heard someone on the radio a few days ago talking about having a fear of holes close together. Like honeycomb or anything else with a bunch of holes. I'd never heard of that before and now here's two of you in a couple days.

  7. Not weird at all because I am the same with all these things lol

    And I've had this tag to do since forever too. Maybe it will motivate me to draft a post??? lolk

    Karen @ For What It's Worth


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