Wednesday 23 December 2020

A Netflix Christmas (Take Two!)

A couple of years ago, I went on a binge of Netflix Christmas movies
Last year, I only watched a couple (too busy running around like a nut) but what with England in a second Covid-related lockdown throughout November - and things being far from normal throughout December - I had time, once again, to get a Netflix Christmas binge on!
Thus, this post: A Netflix Christmas - Take Two!


Not looking for love? Sick of never-ending dating? Been hurt in the past?
 What you need is a holidate! A date only for the holidays - all holidays. 
But beware... You may develop a pesky attraction. You may become infected by feelings. 
You may even... Fall in love.

I laughed so hard throughout this one I swear I almost died! 
I actually couldn't breathe from laughing so hard at one point. It was amazing. Ridiculous, cute, sexy, sweet... I recommend it very muchly!

A Christmas Made To Order

Oh, what a delightfully wonderful and festive cheese-fest!!
I adored this one! An overworked architect hires a holiday decorator/designer when he becomes the last-minute host for his family for the holidays.
I loved how the overworked architect (Steve) wasn't an asshole, he was just a workaholic, and with proper motivation (his family and the pretty designer!) he learns what's important in life... And finds love. Obviously!

Christmas Inheritance

This one wasn't bad... It just wasn't all that great. 
Honestly, the people were judgemental and frustrating and it ruined the holiday buzz.
. Interestingly, Ellie was likeable even though she was a Manhattanite princess completely out of her depth in a small town but Ellie's fiance was frustrating, angry and a bit of a tool. The "small town" love interest (yep, there's a bit of a triangle situation) was judgemental af and, I dunno... It just didn't have that irresistible festive sparkle that festive movies tend to have. 
That said, it ended pretty strong so... Yeah. Mixed bag. 

Operation Christmas Drop

This one was a nice example of Christmas in tropical locations and of non-traditional Christmases.
I really enjoyed it. 
It was full of banter and had a touching story but I found the romantic element sorely lacking. I turned to my husband after it finished and said, "that's a relationship that's going to fizzle out and die the minute it comes into contact with reality" and I stand by it... But since it's a holiday movie the credits roll at the kiss so I guess we'll never know! 
(Unless they make a sequel.)
 What I liked most was that it highlighted a real-life thing that the US, Aus and Japanese militaries do to support isolated communities in Micronesia. Oh, and that it had Bjorn from Vikings in it. Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries was also awesome. 

This is an old one now that has spawned a West End musical and three sequels but I'd never seen the original until three days ago. 
It was sweet, funny, cringey and had a surprising amount of bah-humbug for a festive movie.
I enjoyed it but I have no idea quite why it's so wildly popular... 


The thing I love about Netflix Christmas movies is that some are Netflix originals, others are from places like Hallmark and others were cinematic releases but all of them are delightfully festive.

I'll probably squeeze more in - along with the traditional re-watches - before the season is out but those are the notable "new" ones for me. 

What about you? Have you seen any of these? Any other recommendations?


  1. I have not watch TV for about a year now, but I like to see whats out there. Glad you had some fun with these.

  2. I really enjoyed Holidate too - A Christmas Drop fine but I agree. No spark.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  3. I haven't seen any of those. I don't usually watch any Christmas movies. Merry Christmas. Enjoy your holiday!

  4. I'm pretty sure I've seen Christmas Made to Order - it was cute! I love the two leads. I really want to check out Holidate, so I'm glad you enjoyed that.


  5. I'm already planning a year of lots of reading and catching up on films and TV series in 2021! Mind you, I say that every year!


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