Friday 1 January 2021

2020 Reading Wrap Up!

I'm linking this up with The Book Blogger Hop as this week's question is: 
How many books did you read in 2020? 
But I'm also using the post to wrap up all my challenges from 2020, some of which were absolutely disastrous and others were quite successful!

I started 2020 full of optimism for the year ahead reading but covid pretty much messed up every plan I had - not just the reading - so it's no surprise that my challenges fell by the way-side really. 
I still managed to read 133 books.
This was 28 more than 2019 but somehow I still feel like I've "failed" because I haven't managed to tick arbitrary boxes set by myself a year ago when the world was different. 
Go figure.

Anyway... The round up to 2020's reading challenges is as follows:


Target: 156 Books
Result: 133 Books

Bit harsh labelling it as a failure when I read more books than I did in 2019, despite the pandemic and it's slump inducing effects, but facts are facts! I didn't hit my goal... 

The Audiobook Challenge

Target: Socially Awkward (Don’t talk to me) 15-20 books.
Result: 12/20

I equalled my 2019 total - despite only getting 3 months of commuting this year! - so I'm actually happy... I think I'd have beasted this challenge if things were normal.

Beat The Backlist 

Target: 80 books
Result: 60 books

Honestly, I'm not too disappointed by this. Something has to give when reading and I read double the number of new releases I was aiming for so... Meh.

2020 New Release Challenge

Target: "New Release Pro" (31-60 books)
Result: 67/60

I was aiming for the low end of my "zone" at 31 books and I read 67... This was surprising and a nice win!

Book Blog Discussion Challenge 

Target: 1-10 - Discussion Dabbler
Result: 2

I was aiming for 1 discussion post as I usually don't write discussion posts and I got two!
I am happy and I declare success.

2020 Retellings Challenge

Target: "Warrior Princess" (6-10 re-tellings)
Result: 1/10

This was a late addition to my 2020 challenges and it should have been so easy as I love re-tellings but I just... didn't read any. Ooops.

2020 Bookish Resolutions

My Goals:

Bookish Resolution #1 - Shut Up and Read It!
16 books everybody raves about that I haven't read and want to. Instead of saying I want to I'm going to read them!
Result: 2/16


Bookish Resolution #2 - Nuke NetGalley
Clear every book off my NetGalley...
Result: Fail! I read a lot but there are still 18 left...


Bookish Resolution #3 - Binge The Series

The Chicagoland Vampires (I'd read 6 out of 13)
Result: Still 6/13

The Kitty Norville Series (I'd read 4 out of 13)
Result: Still 4/13

The Lunar Chronicles (I'd read 0 out of 4)
Result: Still 0/4 
(I tired to start Cinder but couldn't settle into reading it!)

The Hush Hush Series (I'd read 0 out of 4)
Result: 0/4

The Selection Series (I'd read 0 out of 5)
Result: 0/5

The Red Queen Series (I'd read 0 out of 4)
Result: 0/4

The Dark Days Series (I'd read 0 out of 6)
Result: 2/6

The Mercy Thompson Series (I'd read 0 out of 12)
Result: 4/12

The Magnus Chase Series (I'd read 0 out of 3 books)
Result: 0/3
I listen to Riordan on audiobook and with the pandemic, and not driving to work, my audiobook time was slim to none (as I said in the audiobook challenge). Thus... No Magnus Chase for me this year. 

The Trials of Apollo Series (I've read 0 out of 5 books)
Result: 0/5
As above... I listen to Riordan on audiobook. No commute = no little/no audiobook time.

Hades Hangmen Series (I'd read 0 out of 10 books - I'm counting the 2 novellas)
Result: 0/10

Crown of Shards Series (I'd read 0 out of 3 books)
Result: 3/3


How did your reading go in 2020? Did you achieve your goals?


  1. I was full of high hopes in January last year and got off to a good start but when the virus hit fully in March, it was stress and reading slumps! I'm pleased I got any reading done to be honest as it was a tough year. 2021 is going to be just as hard with lots of legal stuff to deal with too.

  2. You were close in many of the challenges and like with hand grenades, horseshoes, and 2020, close is good enough.

  3. 133 books is not bad at all! Good luck on achieving your 2021 goals! 😊

  4. Well I think you did amazing with so many challenges.

    Anne - Books of My Heart


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