Tuesday 5 January 2021

Books I'm looking forward to in 2021!!

So, I'm cheating a little with this week's prompt as I've listed books that fall into the second half of 2021 too... Most are the first half, which isn't surprising seeing as books later in the year aren't really announced yet, but some do cross the line and fall July or later. 
(And I'm not sorry because I'm also linking up with the Book Blogger Hop and they're covering the entire year. 😜)

There are so many books! 2021 is going to be full of good reading.
Are any of these on your lists?


A Vow So Bold and Deadly by Brigid Kemmerer 

Release: January 12th 

Must know how it ends! I've been dying! I'm so glad I took forever to read the first two or I may actually have expired...


Blood Heir by Ilona Andrews 

Release: January 12th

A new book set in the Kate Daniels world? Take my money!!!


Winterkeep by Kristin Cashore 

Release: January 19th

It's been quite some time since I read Graceling but I loved it and with Bitterblue having sat on my bookshelves for years, unread, I'm hoping Winterkeep's release will give me the kick I need to revisit the series!


Ignite The Fire by Karen Chance 

Release: January 20th

More Cassie and Pritkin!!!!! I started reading this series back in my university days and we're only just getting close to the end... Talk about commitment, eh?

Still Standing by Kristen Ashley 

Release: February 2nd 

A new MC series from Kristen Ashley?! One that links in the Chaos guys?! Sign me up!!


The Bride Bet by Tessa Dare 

Release: February 15th

I feel like I've waited a hundred years... Okay, a bit of an exaggeration but this should have released last summer so... Cheers Corona you absolute rocket! 


A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas 

Release: February 16th 

I have no idea why this book has taken so long but I'm so glad it's finally coming! 
The ACOTAR series is an absolute fav and I'm curious as to where it goes next.


Wild Wind by Kristen Ashley

Release: March 9th

Jagger Black's book... Slipping back into Chaos is like wrapping yourself in a warm cozy blanket on a cold winter's day and I'm ready for it!


Thrice Cursed by Hailey Edwards 

Release: March 23rd

I love Edwards' Necromancy series (and spin-offs) but I have no idea what to expect from this brand new series! I'm looking forward to giving it a try and the cover is awesome. 


The Road Trip by Beth O'Leary  

Release: April 29th 

The Switch was one of my favourite books of 2020 so, naturally, I have high expectations for O'Leary's next book!


The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang 

Release: May 6th 

I have no idea why the release date for this is showing as May on Amazon UK May,  but August on Goodreads, but I'm super happy to be getting my hands on more in this series! Looks like the UK may actually be getting it earlier than North America? Time will tell!


Million Dollar Demon by Kim Harrison 

Release: June 15th

Itchy-witch is back!! I'm so happy to return to the Hollows and hope this book is as enjoyable as American Demon.


Capture The Crown by Jennifer Estep 

Release: July 6th

I binge-read the Crown of Shards series last year and adored the young character of Gemma. I was ecstatic that the spin-off is based around her. Fingers crossed we get to see some familiar faces throughout her journey. 


The One and Only Crystal Druid by Annette Marie 

Release: September 24th


Another mention would be Hellbound Guilds & Other Misdirections by Annette Marie and Rob Jacobsen but it doesn't have a firm release date or cover yet... Sometime in the spring, I believe!



  1. It's been a forever wait for Helen Hoang's new book, and I am so ready for it.

  2. I am so excited for A Court of Silver Flames. The gap between this one and the last book has been crazy! Same for Helen Hoang's upcoming release. Looong wait! But I can't wait to finally have it in my hands.

  3. I really hope The Heart Principle releases this year!

  4. Yes to so many of these! I can't wait to get more of Zak!! I had no idea Edwards was coming out with a new series! I'm so excited! I just now am finally reading the last novella in the Necromancer series (and loving it!). I'm so glad she gave us three stories with Linus and Grier, I just adore them and I always forget how much I love and miss them until I open one up again.
    And heck yeah to Helen Hoang, she is a romance genius and one of the few romance authors I still read and will pick up without hesitation.

  5. I am really excited for Capture the Crown too! I loved little Gemma and her gargoyle and I am excited to learn more about her and see what she's been up to. Plus, I'm sure we're gonna get an Evie cameo 😉

  6. I hope you get and love every single one of them!

    I have no idea what's coming out in 2021 lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  7. I have no idea what's releasing this year so I'm just going to depend on lists like yours lol. I do want to read The Bride Bet so there's that going for me bookwise.

  8. I like the 1001 Dark Nights books.

  9. So many series I need to continue with - Cassandra Palmer (I'm so behind!), Sarah J Maas, Kim Harrison - and others I have yet to start. Blood Heir I hadn't heard about, but Yay! Glad I'm getting in on book one, thanks to you! Happy reading!

  10. Why is it that I'm always so impatient to get my hands on the new releases that interest me, yet they then sit brooding on my bookshelves for about three years before I get round to reading the things!!!

  11. A Court of Silver Flames has been on so many lists this week. Enjoy!

    My post.

  12. We have quite the similar tastes. I am more than excited for these books!

    Anne - Books of My Heart


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