Friday 15 January 2021

Post Scheduling and Other Blogging Behaviours

 This week's question for the Book Blogger Hop is: 
How many posts do you schedule for your blog on a weekly basis?
In an ideal world, I get all my posts scheduled for the coming week on the weekend before. So, for posts next week, I'd have them finished by Sunday. If I don't get them finished and scheduled for the week then I rarely have time to sort them out during the week and I end up only posting whatever was finished and the draft posts would move to the next available slot. 

Whenever I schedule a post, I schedule a social media post for it at the same time otherwise I'd forget and never "promote" any of my posts... If you can call sending out a tweet (or two) promotion but whatever. This is a hobby, not a job. 😉

I like to have three posts a week (excluding my Sunday wrap up post) but sometimes there are less and sometimes there are more. I really try to avoid more though... I struggle to keep on top of things at three, never mind more!

I tend to be quite organised at setting up post "shells" for any weekly memes I plan to take part in as and when I spot a question/topic I like. 
I do the same when it comes to signing up for blitzes, cover reveals or tours too. 
As for reviews, I only set up the post shells for those when I'm ready to draft the review... Although, I do tend to write a quick review draft asap after finishing a book - especially if it's a review copy - as I don't take notes and it can take me a while between finishing a book (and drafting my review) to actually finalising the review and publishing. 

If I'm feeling particularly creative, inspired or motivated, I sometimes get posts scheduled weeks or even months in advance! It's never a full week/month's worth but sometimes I finalise and schedule blogger memes or tags well in advance as they can be time-consuming to create and I chip away at them as I feel like it. I do tend to review any of these long-ago scheduled posts the weekend before they go live and make any tweaks if things have changed though.
However, if I was ever hit by a bus you'd likely get a few more posts from me from "beyond the grave" because of this habit... 👻



  1. I used to write posts weeks or months in advance. I don’t know how I did it! Now I’m usually scrambling to get stuff done the night before the post goes up.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. You sound pretty organized to me. I never schedule social media. I write my reviews ahead of time, but I do my posts for the whole week on Saturday and/or Sunday. I rarely look ahead.

  3. I almost always have between 45 and 60 posts scheduled at any given time. The only posts I don't schedule ahead of time are the Sunday and Friday posts. Those are done at the end if the week since they contain stuff from that week. I takes notes when I read for reviews and write the review right after I'm done reading. I don't scheduke any social media for the posts, I just post on social media about that days blog post sometime that morning... Usuallu if I remember. Lol

  4. I'm just a big epic fail at this lol The most I've ever gotten ahead was 3 weeks and that was only once or twice in 11 years.

    I actually don't like getting too far ahead because I seem to loose touch with what I wrote. I would like to be 1-2 weeks ahead though.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  5. I used to schedule my meme posts a month ahead (TTT, Books from the Backlog, First Line Friday, and Stacking the Shelves). I write reviews whenever I feel moved to. But in the last six months or so I have not scheduled anything, and just posted whenever I have felt like doing in. The school year was just so hectic to begin with, trying to prepare for 3:2 and fully remote, I was concerned I would not have time to respond to all the comments in a timely manner. Now, I am just kind of lazy and have no good excuse!

  6. I went full out blogging ahead this year. I have all my Sunday posts, Series on Saturday, Library Love and half of my Read-along posts all set up. I create the post shells when I get the ARC. The more I'm ahead, the easier it is to stay on schedule when something happens (like getting sick) which upsets my times.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  7. I admire people who can schedule far in advance. I do want to be slightly better about it. I might do some posts last minute, but I want to have more in the pipeline at least.


  8. I do the same with the "shells". Thanks for stopping by!


  9. Okay, what on earth is a shell? I hardly ever get to pre-schedule at all. I try to plan my week on my planner and if there's time, I'll start drafting a post. Mostly I do the photos before hand, because I can do that on my phone in bed or wherever.

    Maybe I'll get more organized eventually and start having posts lined up just waiting to be published!! One can always dream you know....

    Elza Reads

  10. I am wondering what a shell is too. I try to schedule and post 5-6 a week but don't always get that many. I never schedule ahead on social media though. I only know of Facebook to schedule posts. What others can you schedule? Have a great weekend!

  11. Wordpress allows me to make reusable "blocks" so for memes I have a lot of the images and text pre-done, however I still don't write posts that far in advance. I've tried doing so in the past but then end up editing or rewriting them because I've changed my mind closer to the publishing day.

    A lot of my arc books are indie-published. From dropping on my ereader to posting there is often only a week or two, so there isn't a lot of being able to write them in advance, but I like to have my very latest thoughts and ideas on the page, so it suits me fine.

  12. I used to be three weeks ahead on things like Top Ten Tuesday that I could plan to save me time but Covid put paid to any productive behaviour like that! Now I seem to be constantly playing catchup!

  13. I am terrible about promoting my blog and remembering to post links on my FB page and Twitter. Perhaps someday! You and I seem to have similar post prep practices. :-) Have a great weekend, Nicci!


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