Tuesday 20 April 2021

TMST: Have you ever dreamed of becoming an author?

This week's question on Tell Me Something Tuesday... Have you ever dreamed of becoming an author?

Several years ago this would have been a super simple question to answer and the answer would have been no. However, I participated in Nanowrimo a couple of years ago as a challenge and even though I never managed to “write a novel in 30 days” I did get bitten by the writing bug and never really stopped pecking away at various stories. I even self-published one for about 5 minutes before getting mugged by a serious case of imposter syndrome and pulling it down. 
Do I dream of becoming an author? I don’t think so… But would I say no if I was given the option of becoming an author in the future? (With the caveat of being successful enough to give up the day job...) Absolutely not. 

For now, I’m content to potter along doing my own thing and writing for myself whenever the urge strikes. One day - I hope sooner than later - I may be brave enough to share that writing and “own” being a writer but that day has not yet come!



  1. Writing is such a struggle for me. I couldn't imagine creating an entire world and story. I still love to read other people's work

  2. I have definitely dreamed of becoming an author. But it will definitely stay a dream because I have no talent for writing stories. LOL!! I used to write a lot when I was younger. Now I haven't written anything in years. I do wish I was able too though.. I just think authors are amazing. The ability to write stories.. Sigh..

  3. Imposter syndrome is the worst! When I was in middle school I thought I'd be a published author and would write a lot of fanfiction. I've been toying with the idea of writing a story for fun lately. Quarantine will do that to you.

  4. I've thought of being a writer ever since childhood. Unfortunately I think about it more than I act on it. :/

  5. I thought about it for a while. I even wrote a book but it's really short 200 typed pages and it's Horror. I've re-read it later in life and don't think it's good so I never published.

    But then I used to write for Yahoo Contributor Network and had hundreds of articles published before they closed, so I can say I'm published. lol

  6. Yeah, I don't think I have the talent to write, but I love reading. Hope you get to publish someday! :)

  7. Writing can be so intimidating but sometimes I just get the bug to do it haha. I think a lot of us are that way! Anyway I hope you share some of your writing some time, if you want to. And good luck with whatever you write! :)

  8. I never have but I admire people who have that talent. I'd rather just read - no pressure lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth


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