Tuesday 27 April 2021

TMST: What's your blog hopping strategy?

This week's question for Tell Me Something Tuesday is... What's your blog hopping strategy? 

People have strategies?!! I wish I had a strategy. I just play whackamole. 

Joking aside (I’m not really joking), I have blogger lists set up in Feedly that I can click through painlessly and it works when you don’t go on an unplanned semi-hiatus for three months - like I did this year…  I’m sure I’ll get back to checking it regularly, eventually, and some kind of normal will resume. 

I try to return all comments left on my blog posts... I try to hop around everyone’s blogs when taking part in a weekly meme with the exception of when the list of participants hits the 100’s. In that situation, I nope out… Who has the time for that?! When that happens, I usually scan for my blogger bud’s and other favourites and visit those. I also select a few randomly as it’s nice to find “new” blogs and then I call it a day. 

Blog-hopping can be draining and feel counterproductive (eats into reading and post creation time) but I do enjoy it. I love “talking” to people and over the years I feel like I’ve gotten to know many of you from your posts and comments and that’s why I’ll never stop with the hopping and comments even if I’m continually bashing away haphazardly… I just ask for patience when I’m tardy with the responses and reciprocation. 😉



  1. I also don’t have a strategy. I try to visit everyone who visits me, but I’m currently way behind on that. I also click interesting posts whenever they pop up on Twitter or my Bloglovin’ feed. I guess that’s my strategy.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. Hah people has strategies?

    I mainly do the same- return the few I have, and then either check my friend’s post on our sharing tab of discord servers or on twitter if I cross links that caught my eyes. Otherwise I just browse my reader 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Kristina @ books-and-dachshunds.com

  3. I have various places where I keep track of blogs so I'm always hopping around randomly trying to keep up with blogs. Sometimes I go back and comment on a few posts at the same time if I haven't been around for awhile. I like to keep up with my friends as much as I can and then yes, I try and comment on random blogs too!! It's part of what I love about the blog world, though it does take lots of time and energy.


  4. Are we blogging soul mates?? lol I don't even have feedly though. I have Bloglovin but I don't look at it at all.

    I have a bookmarked list in my toolbar and work from there and return comments.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  5. I first respond to all the comments on my blog. Then I go to feedly where there are about 30 a day but I only comment if I have something to say. Otherwise, I might like or retweet. Or I might just read it and move on.

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  6. Feedly has done wonders for me. I do daily memes on the appropriate day and save reviews for when I have time to really read them and respond.

  7. I used to feel obligated to visit every post for ever blog I follow and always comment. It was exhausting and just not practical. Now I take a much more relaxed style to blog hopping. I visit when I can, comment when I can, and don't stress the rest. :)

  8. I have a folder in my bookmarks bar with all 61 blogs that I routinely visit. I open all 61 tabs at one time and slowly make my way through all of them, closing the tab when I've made a comment.

  9. I very much follow the same strategy. If I take part in a sign-up post, I do try to visit as many of the links as possible (I'm not always as bad as I've been with the latest Sunday Post!).
    I also mostly succeed in returning the favour when someone visits my blog and I use my blog roll quite a lot!
    Blog hopping is a lot of fun, but it does take time that I don't always have.

    Hope you will have a wonderful week!

  10. Wouldn't I love to go to Rare Paris! It will be fun to have something to look forward to.

    I committed this year to visiting back everyone who stops by my blog, and it has been fabulous.

    I am sooo looking forward to a return to real life!


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