Thursday 18 April 2024

Big Demon Energy by Deborah Wilde (Bedeviled AF #1)


She’s just a demon, standing in front of a vampire, trying not to punch him.

Aviva Fleischer hides a dangerous secret. She’s carefully concealing her infernal heritage, a.k.a. Cherry Bomb. Maybe it’s weird naming her demon side and referring to her in the third person, but guys do the same with their junk, and unlike most of them, Avi isn’t deluded about Cherry’s prowess.

Avi’s been working her ass off, climbing the ranks of a supernatural policing organization to enact change and empower those like her forced to hide their true nature. Sure, she’s bent the rules now and then, but her arrest record speaks for itself. Her promotion is in the bag.

Instead, the director strikes a deal with Avi: spy on the operative sent in to work a rash of bizarre murders and prove she can be a team player, or kiss that new rank goodbye.

No problem.

Okay, maybe just one.

Her co-leader, Ezra Cardoso, is a charming, ruthless vampire with his own agenda, whom she fantasizes about: mostly staking him then vacuuming up his remains.

But when the killer sets Aviva’s team firmly in their sights, she’ll have to decide whether to keep playing by the rules or show everyone exactly what she—and Cherry Bomb—are capable of…

A new heroine, a new world and a fabulous new series from Deborah Wilde!

I love me some Urban Fantasy but when it's UF full of snark, quirky characters, and a slow-burning second chance romance that repeatedly pulls on the heartstrings I go from, "Yes, this is nice, more please." To virtual stalking of the author's social media to hoover up every snippet about future books whilst wailing into the wind, "I neeeeeeds it!" and trying to convince the old gods to do a gal a favour and send her some books from the future so that her sanity remains intact. 👀

So, yes... Big Demon Energy. I liked it very much. I'm excited to read more. I am positively feral to see how Avi and Ezra's relationship heals and evolves. I'm curious as to what happens when Avi's dual heritage comes into the open and I want to know more about the insidious plot and evil faction doing the bad things.

If you're an UF lover give this series a try!

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