Sunday 14 April 2024

Spring Cleaning The Blog!

 Oh, hi there! Remember me? Nicci? 
I used to live here but I had a bit of a mental meltdown and when I recovered I struggled with my attention span which means I mostly moved to Instagram... 👀

(To be fair, I still struggle with my attention span, but I'm relearning (have relearnt?) all my coping mechanisms which allowed me to be a functional individual for over 30 years of my life 'pre-meltdown.')

Despite multiple attempts to "get back to blogging," since recovery* I've never really succeeded but, alas, I'm a stubborn goat and I'm not giving up my little wordy space! 
Nope. No sir. 
I will reclaim this final piece of myself, therefore, I'm having a virtual spring clean!

My blog space is currently a mess of broken links, missing graphics and general WTFery of horrid formatting and other ugliness caused by changing my colour scheme, blog name and graphics numerous times during the previously mentioned period of mental instability and return attempts. 

This means I need to fix it or I need to delete it all. 
My brain will accept nothing less. 
Since I don't want to delete everything, fix it I will!

Now, I need to convince myself that everything doesn't need to be fixed and uniform before starting to post again... Logically, I know that it doesn't but the feral creature that lives in my head is rattling its bars and howling at the very thought. *sigh*

Anyhoo, I guess this is my way of saying I'm about to undertake attempt 10043 at returning to my blog space!

I'm excited to catch up with old favourites and meet new folks!

*Recovery has many ups, downs, backward steps and forward sprints. I've given up trying to pin-point when recovery was or even if I am fully recovered... I'm just rolling with it and trying to be better every day. 



  1. It is good to see you posting again, Nicci! And absolutely nothing needs to be perfect for you to blog again--or ever really. But I know that is one of those things that is easier to say than do. I am glad to hear you are in a better place right now. It's good to have you back on the blog. :-) Have a good week!

  2. I'm glad you're doing better. Do a little at a time on your blog.

  3. I am happy to get you back here, but it was good seeing you on IG and knowing that you didn't disappear. Good luck!

  4. So good to see some posts from you, Nicci! I can be very all of nothing so I understand the desire to fix everything before allowing yourself to blog. I get it, but I still hope you’ll post while getting the blog how you want it. 😊

  5. For some reason, it’s not letting me sign in but this is Tanya @ Girl Plus Books.


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