Friday 24 May 2019

Book Blogger Hop: Do you continue with a book even though you aren't liking it?

Do you continue with a book even though you aren't liking it?

I guess the short answer to this is that I used to have a policy of always finishing a book even if I hated it, especially if it was a copy I'd been given for review.
Nowadays, I'm much kinder to myself.
Time is precious and my reading time is growing less and less as life makes its demands, therefore, I refuse to waste it on something I dislike.

The longer answer would be something along the lines of:

If a book isn't resonating but I think it's something I would enjoy if I were in a different mood, I shelve it until the mood strikes.
I'll mention this in a weekly wrap up post but I won't rate it/review it anywhere unless I eventually read the book and actually have something to say beyond "it's not you, it's me."

If a book isn't great but I'm not hating it, I'll keep reading it until it's finished or until it reaches a point that I just cannot be bothered to continue (for whatever reason) and then I'll stop.
These books get mentioned in my weekly wrap up posts and sometimes shelved on goodreads with an explanation of why I stopped reading or why I found it very 'meh'.
If I finished it, I may review it and post it in the usual places but chances are I won't bother as it requires time and energy I'm not invested enough to give.

Sometimes, a book is so awful, it's like a hideous car wreck, and I want to stop reading it but I just cannot stop myself from finishing it.
These books I'll review, in all my blistering glory, as if it was awful but I still managed to finish it, you can guarantee I'll have a lot to say about it!

What about you? Do you waste your reading time finishing everything you start?


  1. No! As soon as I stop being interested in the book, I ditch it and move on to my next read. I have too many books to read and very little time to waste on things I don't like!

  2. My answer is basically the same as yours, Nicci. Years ago, yes, I did kind of force myself to finish every book. No idea why! It’s not like I was getting credit somewhere for books finished. LOL I finally realized that my reading time was too precious to spend of something I wasn’t truly enjoying. Now I give a book a fair shot but if I know it’s not working for me I have no problem moving on.

  3. I used to read all of everything, but now I find that sometimes I just can't bring myself to finish something. But, as long as I can make progress I have a tendency to keep reading. If I keep putting off reading it, sometimes it becomes permanently shelved.

  4. Once I pick a book out to read I usually finish it. Sometime they surprise me and get a lot better and I'm glad that I finished it.

  5. I'm still not very good at DNFing, even after all these years. The best I can do is skim-read parts of the book to get through it quicker. And I typically don't review these books anyway except with a short note on Goodreads (with no rating), so I don't know why I can't just let it go.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  6. It's a great, big, N O P E for me. I have eleventy billion books I want to read. If I cannot get into the story by 20%, it's outta there.

  7. Well, you are right. I know I said in my post that I finish all the books that I start but that's because I usually choose all the books so I try to buy books that I'd like. Of course if I receive a book to review and I don't like it I won't finish it. But since I don't get books to review (I choose them from NetGalley for now) I didn't think about this... heeeheee

    Thanks for stopping by!!


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