Friday 2 October 2020

Damned Souls and A Sangria by Annette Marie (Guild Codex: Spellbound #8)

Once upon a time, I was your average spunky redhead with the lamest employment history ever, a shaky relationship with my only family member, and no idea what I was doing with my life.

Now, I'm a pseudo mythic with the best bartending job in the world, the most amazing (and hot) best friends I never knew I needed, and a guild of misfit magic-users who've become my extended family.

And I'm about to lose it all.

In my desperation to save Ezra, I stumbled into a web of ruthless deception—and seriously pissed off a sleeping hydra. Now its every murderous head is turned toward me and my guild, and I don't know how to stop it. I'm not sure I can.

I'm not sure anyone can.

But if we don't, we're all doomed—Ezra, Aaron, Kai, and my beloved guild.

The last book of a series is always bittersweet and anyone who reads UF/Fantasy (or any series really) will know that the endings are notoriously hit or miss amongst the fans because we've followed the characters for so long and have very strong attachments - thus opinions - regarding how everything goes. That said, I truly have no idea how any fan of this series could have a problem with how Annette Marie wraps up Tori's story. 
It was fabulous. 
It was everything I wanted and everything I didn't know I needed wrapped up in a bow while staying true to the story, the characters and the world she had built. 
I was enthralled from the first page until the last. 
The book had everything. 
Sweet moments, pulse-pounding moments, heart-fluttery moments, laugh out loud moments... Fan favourite characters are integral to the tale and it was freakin' epic!

I can't say much more really without risking spoilers so I'm going to say nothing more except that this series has been a joy from beginning to end and although I'm gutted that GC: Spellbound is over I'm thrilled that the Guild Codex world continues and we'll get to see so much more of beloved characters in the spin-off series. 

(Yep, I'm going to be Annette Marie Fangirling for years to come, lol.)

PS - Annette Marie's covers are always stunning but this one is my favourite!
It's just Tori, standing there all badass and defiant with the magic of her three mages swirling around her... Man, I'm going to miss this series so much! 
Thank god there are a couple more GC series in the works! Fingers crossed for cameo appearances. 



  1. I got it on release date and read the first chapter but I can't make myself read anymore. I'm just not ready for it to be over yet I think. I weirdly, do this a lot with beloved series and even though I know I still have Robin's book to read, I just can't yet. I am so glad though that there is a HEA!

    1. I often buy books on release day but don't read them for ages too.
      This book is a rollercoaster but there are so many wonderful things in it and the ending is AWESOME. Absolutely HEA.

  2. I waited for the audio version. Excellent review! I felt the same and was glad to see so many favorites here. Also I'm thrilled there are more GC series now.

    Anne - Books of My Heart


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